Hillary Clinton Wants Trump to Pay Her Legal Bills

Not too long ago, former President Trump sued his 2016 rival Hillary Clinton. In this lawsuit, Trump alleged that Clinton defamed him and his campaign by spreading lies about him colluding with Russians to win the election.

The lawsuit, however, didn’t go anywhere and was ultimately tossed out of court. It did, however, cause Clinton herself to incur some legal fees involved in defending herself.

The former 2016 presidential candidate isn’t happy about this and now wants Trump to literally pay up.

According to Washington Examiner, Clinton is now pressing the court to make the former president pay more than $1 million in legal fees that she incurred following his unsuccessful lawsuit against her.

What to Know About Clinton’s Demands

Clinton now maintains that the lawsuit brought against her by the former president was frivolous and without merit.

Therefore, she believes Trump should be subjected to “sanctions” from the court that require him to cover $1.06 million in legal expenses that she paid out.

Judge Donald Middlebrooks is the one who rejected Trump’s lawsuit against Clinton. In doing so, the judge also alleged the litigation was riddled with “grievances” towards his opponents.

Middlebrooks would later go on to state that a court wasn’t the right venue for the former president to express his concerns.

Thus far, it remains to be seen whether or not Clinton is able to get Trump to pay her legal bills. If she is successful, however, this will mark yet another loss in the courts for the 45th president.

Election Deniers

Clinton’s efforts to make Trump pay her legal expenses come as the country is in the middle of a debate about election deniers and their impacts on democracy.

Clinton and other Democrats are quick to allege that Republicans are dangerous election deniers. Yet, the left is far less vocal about people on their own side of the aisle who’ve openly cast doubt on election outcomes that didn’t go their own way.

Hillary Clinton, coincidentally, is one example of this. After losing the 2016 presidential election, she wrote off Trump as an “illegitimate president.” Many other Democrats embraced this rhetoric without being written off as dangerous to the nation’s democracy.

Going back so far as 2000, there have been folks on both sides of the aisle who “denied” elections that didn’t go their way. This is not a phenomenon that only began in the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election.

What do you think of Hillary Clinton’s efforts to make Donald Trump pay her legal bills? Do you think Trump will have to pay up or will Clinton be forced to shoulder the tab on her own?

Down below in the comments area, you’re more than welcome to let us know how you believe it’ll all play out.