Hillary Clinton Goes After Republicans on Abortion

The issue of abortion is one that truly gained new traction after the Supreme Court kneecapped Roe v. Wade just earlier this year.

Democrats rushed to claim that with Roe gone, Republicans would move to topple access to contraception, the legalization of gay marriage, etc.

An opinion released by Justice Clarence Thomas, calling for the review of other landmark Supreme Court rulings, was naturally used as ammunition by the left to promote these talking points.

Some have speculated that the lack of a nationwide red wave in the midterms was partially due to the overturn of Roe. Though now former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is also weighing in with her thoughts, per Breitbart News.

The Latest From Clinton on Republicans

During a CNN interview on Thursday, Clinton argued most Americans don’t agree with the repeal of Roe v. Wade or various moves at the state level to crack down on abortion.

Later, she made a point of alleging that in US politics, there isn’t a permanent win or loss. She used this as a lynchpin for arguing that anti-abortion measures favoring “no choice” will be defeated by ballot initiatives.

Clinton cited various ballot initiatives in states like California, Kansas, Michigan, Montana, and Kentucky to back up her argument.

Before Clinton finished on CNN, she said Democrats have to keep fighting to enshrine fundamental rights, both at federal and state levels.

More From Hillary Clinton

This wouldn’t be the first time Clinton has sounded off against Republicans. Months ago, in a different interview, the failed presidential candidate scolded Americans who she deems as ungrateful to Joe Biden.

Of course, a decent portion of opposition against Biden is from Republicans. When Clinton shared this criticism, she was slammed as out of touch and not understanding of the problems Americans are truly up against.

In other remarks, Clinton has said Republicans need to stand up against Trump should he try to run for president. Of course, this came before the former president declared his candidacy in the upcoming White House race.

With Clinton making herself increasingly more visible lately, there are speculations regarding whether or not she’ll run for president once more. Thus far, Clinton remains on record saying she has no plans to go for a third presidential run.

Many Republicans have been clear they’re not interested in taking lectures, policy advice, or feedback from Hillary Clinton. Though there’s no doubt her unsolicited talking points are going to continue.

What do you think about Hillary Clinton using the subject of abortion to go after Republicans? Do you believe anything she’s saying about this issue or others is worth listening to?

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