Hillary Clinton Giving Hints of her 2024 Presidential Run

A veteran political strategist claimed Hillary Clinton is distancing herself from Biden’s open border policy as she is preparing to run for the presidential election once again in 2024.

Border crises are expected to play a critical role in this year’s midterm elections, as well as in the 2024 presidential race. This has urged Democratic politicians to criticize the open border policy of the Biden administration.

Hillary Clinton is Ready to Break With Biden

According to former political campaign strategist of Bill Clinton, Dick Morris, Hillary Clinton is aiming to emerge as a “moderate” Democrat in her third attempt at winning the White House in 2024.

In his recent radio interview with John Catsimatidis, Morris asserted Hillary told many people that she is not an advocate of open borders.

So, Morris continued, Hillary will start slamming left-wing ideology after the midterm elections.

Morris further added Hillary would start her campaign by claiming Democrats lost Congress due to the left-wing ideology in 2022, while posing herself as a moderate alternative to the leftists.

Reportedly, Hillary may build a narrative that Democrats would lose the White House if they nominate a left-wing candidate in the 2024 presidential election.

According to Morris, he is well aware of the upcoming strategy of Hillary Clinton because this is the same campaign strategy he designed to win the White House for Bill Clinton in 1992.

Hillary Wants to Win Presidency by Walking Moderate Path

In a separate interview last week, Morris claimed most Democrats would support Clinton against Biden’s reelection, since Biden’s presence in the White House could pave the way for the domination of far-left ideology.

If Biden announces not to run for the second term, Morris continued, radical politicians like Gavin Newsom, Bernie Sanders, and AOC would take over the Democrat Party. This rise of the far-left is urging Hillary to emerge as a moderate candidate in the party, Morris added.

Many Democrats would even personally request Hillary to run for the presidency and save the Democrat Party from the radical left ideology, as per Morris.

Last month, Hillary Clinton discussed the deteriorating border situation in America on MSNBC. During her interview, Hillary claimed Americans are so generous they would not mind migrants coming to their doorsteps and asking them for food or shelter.

However, Clinton asserted that no one who has even the slightest knowledge about the working of the government and the countries would prefer open borders.

“Hillary Clinton” by Gage Skidmore

These comments from Hillary came at a time when her husband Bill Clinton also lashed out at the open border policy of the Biden administration.

In a recent interview, Bill claimed that no country could entertain an unlimited number of immigrants without disturbing its own social structure.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.