Hillary Clinton Denies Rumored Plans of a Third Run for President

As Joe Biden’s time as president continues to generate worse outcomes for the American people, there’s been a lot of talk about whether or not he’s truly going to run for re-election in 2024.

For what it’s worth, Biden has gone on record and claimed he intends to seek a second term in office; however, with all the problems attached to Biden’s first term, it’s unclear what he plans to center his campaign on.

Meanwhile, Biden’s been losing support from key voter blocs that contributed to him getting into the White House last year. This includes Independents, moderates, progressives, etc.

For weeks, there’s been on and off chatter about whether or not Hillary Clinton would decide to make a third run for the White House during the 2024 presidential election.

Yesterday, Clinton stated she has no intention of running for the presidency again, notes Breitbart News.

Clinton on Making Another Run for the White House

While interviewing with MSNBC, the twice-unsuccessful presidential candidate from 2008 and 2016 stated that she’s not at all open to running for the White House again.

When Clinton was then asked if another presidential run could be a “long runway” possibility, she still said no.

However, the former secretary of state did make it clear that her decision not to run for president again doesn’t mean she’s leaving politics altogether.

Clinton went on to tell MSNBC that she’s going to be helping more women (women on the political left, of course) seek public office.

Likewise, the twice-defeated presidential contender declared that around the globe, there are ongoing debates regarding democracy, healthcare, and other pressing matters.

More on Hillary Clinton

The news that Hillary Clinton isn’t planning to make another attempt to become president is no loss to the American public whatsoever.

Just weeks ago, Clinton was wagging her finger at Americans who aren’t thankful to have Biden in office.

Amazingly enough, though, the former secretary of state hasn’t explained how Americans could possibly be thankful for higher gas prices, more inflation, a backed-up supply chain, or any of the other issues caused by Biden’s leadership.

Assuming that Clinton sticks to her word and does not run for the White House in 2024, there is a very strong possibility that Biden will end up going for a second term.

The one silver lining to this is whichever Republican is nominated for president in the next election cycle is going to have zero problems with pointing out Biden’s horrible record and convincing the country to vote him out of office.

What do you make of Hillary Clinton coming out and declaring that she’s not going to be running for president after all? We’re looking forward to reading your thoughts in the comments area.