Higher Gas Prices Under Biden Place Democrats on the Spot

Right now, energy independence in the United States is under attack like never before. President Biden is currently looking to increase the fees workers will have to pay in order to conduct oil and gas drilling operations.

Biden previously tried to ban oil and gas drilling altogether; however, the courts thankfully intervened. In addition to the president’s assault on oil and gas operations, he additionally seeks to destroy more pipelines.

Earlier this year, Biden signed an executive order that halted Keystone Pipeline. He is also considering taking similar action with Michigan’s Line 5 pipeline.

For all of these reasons, gas prices are through the roof under the Biden administration. The average price of $3.39 per gallon certainly eclipses the average of almost $3.00 per gallon Americans paid for gas during the Trump administration.

As reported by Fox News, this now has Democrats in a bind for several reasons.

When Grandstanding Backfires

When the prices of gas approached $3.00 per gallon during the Trump administration, congressional Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer went nuts. Democrats claimed Trump’s policies were irresponsible and forced Americans to pay more than they should have to.

However, this grandstanding has backfired now that Joe Biden is in office. Right now, the average price per gallon Americans are paying comes out to $3.39. Yet, all the Democrats who were so vocal about the horrors of $3.00 per gallon gas prices are now silent about Americans paying much more on Biden’s watch.

This goes to show Pelosi and Schumer never really cared about the costs of gas. They simply wanted an opportunity to rip on a Republican president and so that’s what they did.

If the Democrat Party really cared about how much Americans have to pay to put fuel in their cars, they’d be calling out Biden’s anti-energy policies that make gas more expensive.

The Need for Energy Production

Last month, Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin urged Biden to walk back his executive order that places a ban on Keystone Pipeline. Manchin also noted the importance of America being able to generate energy in the United States without needing the stamp of approval from OPEC.

The only real way to reduce gas prices is to increase energy production levels in the country. America had this going under President Trump. Then, Biden came in and messed everything up.

Using the oil reserves for emergencies is not a solution to driving down gas prices. If Democrats were serious about Americans being able to pay affordable rates for gas, they’d tell Biden to cease his vendetta against energy production immediately.

Do you think Democrats are hypocritical for not calling out Joe Biden on gas prices that are higher than they were during the Trump administration? Let us know in the comments area below.