Healthcare Workers Arrested For Unspeakable Crime

Within recent years, trust in the healthcare system has greatly declined.

A huge part of this is due to how COVID was handled by the medical community, notably the ways in which mask mandates and COVID vaccine mandates were pushed onto people. Despite the fanfare, these measures did not beat the virus as they were promised to do.

Unfortunately, there’s no telling when public trust in the healthcare system will return. However, a new case out of Florida involving two healthcare workers isn’t doing the field any favors, per the Gateway Pundit.

Elder Abuse and Exploitation

In Melbourne, Florida, assisted living workers Shy’Tiona Bishop and Jada Harris were arrested and hit with multiple charges. This follows both of them hurting an elderly woman who suffered from dementia.

To make matters worse, the pair recorded themselves abusing the woman as she begged for help and screaming “no” on multiple occasions. Even the elderly lady urinating on herself didn’t stop Bishop and Harris from continuing on with taunting her.

After the two recorded this chilling footage, they made sure to share it on social media. This led to Brevard County law enforcement being tipped off about the abuse.

During a press conference, the county sheriff described Bishop and Harris as vile and noted they should never be able to work in healthcare again.

Both young women face charges involving abuse, video voyeurism, and neglect of the elderly/disabled.

More on This

Unfortunately, both Bishop and Harris already posted bond; though they’re due to appear back in court next month to face the music.

The woman they abused has been receiving assisted living services since August of last year. Though after her ordeal with Bishop and Harris, the facility responsible for providing her care noted that she showed signs of prior distress by pacing around.

In the aftermath of the abuse, Bishop and Harris have been sacked from their jobs as assisted living workers.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.