Healthcare By The People, For The People

As various events continue to play out in America, healthcare is one of the trending and increasingly more controversial issues in this country. As Democrats continue to push for ending private healthcare and enforcing Medicare-For-All, new conversations about the state of healthcare in the United States are taking place; The Daily Caller News Foundation reports.

Reviewing Healthcare in the United States

In March 2010, then-President Obama signed the Affordable Healthcare Act (also known as Obamacare) into law. Despite assertions that Americans could keep their plans and their doctors, this turned out not to be true. Following the enactment of Obamacare, prices of healthcare shot up and many Americans expressed displeasure at being forced to pay for healthcare which did not benefit them or prove to be affordable.
Over the past year, Medicare-for-All has become the left-wing’s latest healthcare plan; in many regards, it’s the “new” Obamacare. Medicare-for-All is something which conservatives are overwhelmingly against which has, therefore, shed light on another alternative known as healthcare sharing.

A Closer Look at Healthcare Sharing

Put simply, healthcare sharing allows Americans to make their own healthcare decisions via Liberty HealthShare. Liberty HealthShare thrives on membership and making costs as affordable as possible for each individual. The money which goes to Liberty HealthShare comes from the people, thus motivating the program to serve the needs of their members. Finally, Americans should know that healthcare sharing programs, such as Liberty HealthShare, are overwhelmingly less expensive than other health insurance plans.
At this point, healthcare sharing is wholly more advisable than government-controlled healthcare. Sadly, the latter is something which many Democrats are pushing for. The left seems to believe that having government regulate healthcare is the way to go and yet time and time again, this has been proven to be untrue.
Healthcare by the people and for the people is the best route to go.
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