Harris Seizes California Shooting to Promote Gun Control

Mass shootings are tragic and unfortunate. Sadly, they are regularly employed by Democrats as means to champion austere gun control laws. This manner of politicization is disappointing and it often happens before all details regarding a shooting have even come to light. This merely goes to show how eager the left wing is to trample of the sacred Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. Furthermore, the flaws of gun control have been articulated and proven many times, but this never stops the left from pushing for it.

On Sunday, a shooting took place in Gilroy, California. As news of this shooting broke, 2020 presidential candidate Kamala Harris immediately seized the opportunity to promote gun control.

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The progressive took to Twitter in order to lament over the supposed “gun violence epidemic” in the United States, as noted by Breitbart News. At the time of this tweet, the shooter was not apprehended and the numbers of wounded and/or killed individuals had yet to be released.

A Closer Look at Harris on Gun Control

The narrative of the left-wing asserts that gun control is the answer to the commission of crimes where guns are involved. Sadly, the Democrat Party has chosen to ignore facts and reality which prove that gun control is counterproductive. The only individuals who are truly impacted by gun control are the law-abiding.

Someone who is truly determined to commit a crime has a plethora of illegal avenues that will lead them to possession of a firearm. To make matters even worse, the tightening of gun control laws will ultimately lead to unarmed, lawful citizens being at the mercy of lawless criminals with no regard for gun control mandates.

Despite these proven facts, Kamala Harris doesn’t seem to see it this way. Her following tweet regarding the tragedy in Gilroy shows us this much:

Minutes later, the president tweeted out stating that the shooter in Gilroy still remained at large with authorities on the scene:

Blaming Law Abiding Citizens for the Actions of Rouge Criminals

In order to support gun control, Democrats commonly fault law-abiding citizens for the actions of rouge criminals. We see this all the time when the National Rifle Association (NRA) and its members are routinely blamed for crimes committed with guns; this happens in spite of the fact that an NRA member has yet to commit a crime with a gun.

Ultimately, the left-wing views the NRA as a threat to totalitarian gun control; this is why Democrats constantly target this organization.

What do you think about Kamala Harris’ leap to push the leftist gun control agenda? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below!