Harris Meets with COVID-Positive Texas Dems Who Tried Stalling GOP Voting Bills


Ever since Republicans have moved to secure U.S. elections, Democrats have been on a warpath. Democrats ultimately loathe the idea of not being able to cheat their way into power; therefore, they’ve concocted this narrative that any GOP-led voting bills are grounded in racism. 

Texas Democrats furthered this narrative earlier this month when they fled the Lone Star State. This was a politically grandstanding move to ultimately block the process of a GOP-initiated elections bill. Despite this stunt, however, the Texas Senate ultimately passed the legislation. 

Vice President Kamala Harris welcomed and praised the Democrats who left Texas to advance an untrue narrative about Republicans’ voting bill. Now, Breitbart News confirms that several of these Democrats have tested positive for COVID, despite being completely vaccinated. 

Karma Strikes Hard

Many Americans have described the news of Texas Democrats testing positive for COVID as karma. Others questioned how and why these leftists tested positive for the virus, in spite of being fully immunized against it. This also led to conversations about whether or not the COVID vaccine is truly effective or useful. 

The vice president cheered these Democrats who exited from Texas; according to Harris, the behavior of these lawmakers mirrors the actions of civil rights leaders in American history. 

Republicans and the Texas GOP governor have a very different view, however. Governor Greg Abbott said that Democrat lawmakers will be apprehended by law enforcement once they return to the Lone Star State. 

Since Harris’ meeting with the Texas Democrats, news of their COVID positive tests has come out. On Saturday though, the vice president’s office stated that Harris would not be self-isolating; the reason for this alleges that Harris did not come in direct proximity with the lawmakers who later contracted COVID. 

Moving Past the Antics

Many Americans are not pleased with Texas Democrats who left the state in order to grandstand and block legislation they don’t like. Americans have also pointed out that if a group of conservative lawmakers did what Democrats did, the left wouldn’t be comparing it to the actions of past civil rights leaders. 

Harris has come under fire as well. Many people have stated that by failing to quarantine after meeting with Texas Democrats, the vice president is not following science as she ought to be. 

The Democrat Party has made a point of repeatedly lambasting people who they view as not in keeping with the science. However, the left remains virtually silent about Harris’ decision to refuse quarantine even after meeting with a group where members contracted COVID. 

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