Guns Increasingly Popular Among Women in America


The Democrat Party and leftists, in general, have been rallying behind anti-gun principles, policies, and ideologies. However, as various events continue to play out in the world, gun ownership is becoming increasingly more popular.

Just last month, Oregon passed a new anti-gun law. This law requires firearm owners to keep their guns locked up and to not have their keys or combinations readily accessible. Republicans in the deeply leftist state have warned this new regulation will make things needlessly challenging for legal gun owners.

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However, as it turns out, Democrats’ commitment to forcing through more gun control is ironically becoming their own undoing. As Townhall reports, guns are increasingly popular amongst women in America.

Gun Popularity Among Women in the United States

Since 2019, gun sales amongst female purchasers across the country have surged to the tune of 3.5 million. Also, many of these women are first-time gun buyers. On top of this, concealed carry permit applications and women’s gun/firearm training classes are on the rise.

This is an undeniable fact and something the Democrat Party seems to be hiding from. Democrats have long been anti-gun; Democrats even elected a president who once professed the Second Amendment is not “absolute.”

Many women are candid about their reasons for going out and buying guns. (New) female gun owners have cited rising violent protests, the coronavirus pandemic, the desire for self-protection, etc., as reasons they’re arming up.

The Democrat Party has some tough challenges ahead. From a purely political standpoint, it makes increasingly less sense for the Democrat Party to oppose legal gun ownership. Furthermore, as more Americans purchase firearms, support for gun control is likely to keep falling.

The Law of the Land

At the end of the day, the Constitution is very clear. American citizens have the right to bear arms. This right does not disappear because of Democrats’ lust for more power, control, and making Americans defenseless.

It’s ironic in a sense, though. Democrats are creating and exacerbating the very problems that are causing more women to purchase guns. Leftist leaders are making communities less safe by defunding the police; yet, these same folks are the ones who want more gun control foisted upon the population.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to uphold the law of the land. Every day, Democrats controlling the federal, state, and local governments are looking to absolutely erode the United States Constitution.

Guns aren’t going anywhere. In fact, gun sales are projected to continue increasing, especially among women in America. If Democrats continue to stand by their anti-American, communist gun control agenda, they’ll be further alienating voters.

What do you think about firearms’ rising popularity amongst women in the United States? We want to read your perspective below in the comments area.