Gun Control Returns to Forefront of Democrat Party

Talks about gun control have officially returned to the center stage of the Democrat Party, as documented by Fox News.
This comes as the 2020 presidential election gets closer and more Democrats prepare for the opportunity to take on President Trump.

The Return of Gun Control Advocacy

Following recent school shootings in both Florida and Colorado, Democrats are moving to enforce gun control; to be precise, the left-wing is placing this issue on a pedestal within their campaigns and subsequently trying to out-do their opponents. Cory Booker, for instance, has already stated that any American who owns a gun ought to also possess a federal license.
Republicans have already pushed back against Democrats who are advocating for these far-left policies, noting the ultimate endgame which is banning guns period. Now, if you let progressives tell it, “[they’re] not trying to take your guns,” instead, they only want to promote safe gun ownership and prevent mass shootings.
However, the facts don’t seem to bear this out. The ineffectiveness of tight, strict gun control laws has been proven time and time again; yet the left-wing still insists upon pushing for laws which would trample on the Second Amendment.

History of Gun Control and Presidential Elections

In all honesty, it’s been quite some time since Democrats have allowed gun control to serve as a major policy during their presidential campaigns. This has been previously avoided in order to prevent alienating Americans in rural areas who may be likelier┬áthan their urban counterparts to own guns.
However, it seems as though Democrats are no longer worried about alienating gun owners, rural Americans and other groups of people who favor the Second Amendment. Ultimately, this goes back to Democrats being as extreme and as far left as possible, whilst viewing these shifts as winning strategies.
What do you think about the Democrats’ decisions to prioritize gun control in the 2020 presidential election? Let us know in the comments section down below!
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