Grocery Stores Suffering Due to Supply Chain Problems

In the relatively short time period that Biden’s been the president, one disaster after the next has gripped the United States. Right now, Americans are months away from yet another default on the national debt ceiling.

Meanwhile, the country is being flooded with illegal immigration. This is due to Biden’s policies of open borders; these foolish policies embolden drug smugglers, human traffickers, and other unsavory characters.

That’s not to mention our loss of energy independence after Biden shuttered Keystone Pipeline and now inflation. On top of these problems comes mass staff shortages nationwide as workers are driven into unemployment, due to COVID vaccine mandates.

Now, supply chain problems are the latest issue to grip the country. According to Breitbart News, grocery stores are being hit hard over problems with our nation’s supply chain.

Supply Chain Problems and Grocery Stores

Right now, grocery stores are reporting running low on goods such as pet food, beef jerky, lunchables, bacon, canned goods, and more. A lot of these shortages are due to unemployment benefits that President Biden and Democrats falsely declared would better the standing of the economy.

In fact, as a result of unemployment benefits, grocery stores and other businesses are taking some financial hits. As a means of recuperating these fiscal losses, customers and shoppers are faced with higher prices.

Higher prices and inflation are hitting middle class families the hardest. This is ironic because Biden consistently professes to be an ally of the middle class; yet, his polices are putting middle class people through the wringer.

As long as supply chain problems persist, grocery stores are going to continue feeling the impacts. This means supplies will be more scarce and prices are going to be higher. Meanwhile, the White House will continue pretending as if they’re “building back better,” rather than completely tearing down the nation.

An Economic Recession on the Horizon?

Over the course of this month alone, there have been reports indicating that an economic recession is forthcoming in the United States. The predictions of this recession deal with consistent lows in consumer confidence.

One must remember that consumer confidence lows come in addition to inflation, staff shortages, and now the supply chain shortage. None of this is good news; it’s the last thing America needs as we still struggle to return to what the economy looked like before COVID hit.

With this administration running the federal government, there is a very real possibility that  Americans could be looking at an economic recession. In all likelihood, Biden will declare this as another part of his plan to “build back better.”

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