Government Shutdown Prompts New Speculations about Fate of Border Wall

The current government shutdown has prompted new speculations regarding the fate of President Trump’s promised border wall.

The Government Shutdown

On Friday, the United States government officially shut down after President Trump and Democratic leaders were unable to reach a resolution on legislation. Both Schumer and Pelosi urged the president to pick between a series of stopgap bills to keep the government funded through December 21, 2018. The only problem was that none of the bills provided the $5 billion dollars which are needed to fund the creation of a wall along the Southern border.

Who’s to Blame?

President Trump and Democratic leaders are each blaming one another regarding the most recent shutdown of the government. Shortly after the government closed, Schumer and Pelosi issued a joint statement where they condemned the “Trump Shutdown.” The president, conversely, has stated that Democrats are playing politics and refusing to work with him on border security.

The Importance of Building the Wall

The truth of the matter is this: Democrats are afraid of providing President Trump with the necessary funding for the border wall. The wall and combatting illegal immigration served as central themes of the president’s 2016 campaign and it’s something which his base is adamant about. For these reasons, Democrats are hellbent on sabotaging one of President Trump’s greatest promises to the country.
The plight of illegal immigration has somewhat decreased since the election of President Trump. However, there is still work to be done. Over the past few weeks, conversations surrounding immigration have increased as Central American migrants have attempted to seek asylum in this nation. Of course, the Democrats remain more than willing to allow migrants to come in; this is in spite of migrants hurling rocks at border patrol agents, thus prompting the agents to launch tear gas in order for the migrants to disperse.
At the end of the day, the wall needs to be built. It is what it is. Illegal immigration is a cancer to the United States and wastes an infinite amount of taxpayer dollars. The fact that Democrats are resisting the president at such an extreme level and doing everything they can to prevent the creation of the border wall is all the more reason to get it built.
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