Government Shutdown Could be Coming Soon

The complete failures of the Biden administration appear to be like an endless black hole. On virtually every issue, this president has repeatedly fallen short; then, he’s gone on to pass the buck and issue blame to other people.

More and more Americans are getting sick of it. Biden’s national poll numbers keep falling; furthermore, the president also isn’t surveying very well in key battleground states that will determine which party wins next year’s midterm elections.

To top it all off, Biden’s done a fine job of alienating Independent voters across America. That comes on top of Democrats, some of whom have started using left-wing media outlets like CNN and NBC to call out Biden on his bungled messaging and credibility challenges.

However, in keeping with the pattern of this administration, yet another crisis is on the way. According to Newsmax, the Biden administration is preparing to inform federal workers that a government shutdown could be coming.

The Reality of a Government Shutdown Under Biden

A government shutdown is a very real possibility, due to how Democrats have bungled bill negotiations in Congress. Leftist lawmakers are too busy trying to cram as many leftist pet projects into one bill; in fact, some of the spending proposals have gotten so outlandish that some of the more moderate Democrats aren’t on board.

Nevertheless, the White House did not mention this when announcing the likelihood of a shutdown. In order to prevent a government shutdown, Congress has precisely six more days to get a spending plan passed.

Meanwhile, White House press secretary Jen Psaki announced to the media that a shutdown is something the federal government has to prepare for. Likewise, Psaki noted the damning impacts that a government shutdown would have during COVID and America’s work to recover from economic setbacks.

Right now, things are not looking good. This possibility of a shutdown reflects both poorly on the White House and Congress, both bodies which are under leftist control.

Time for a Change in Leadership

It is very clear that America’s current leaders in Congress (and the White House) have absolutely no idea what they’re doing. Democrats in the House and Senate continue to drop the ball; they’re more interesting is forcing through a communist agenda than actually delivering for the American people.

The reality that America is looking at a possible government shutdown is all the more reason why Republicans must win the 2022 midterms. GOP wins in the midterms will be the beginning of the restoration of order.

What is happening right now cannot be allowed to proceed. Biden and the Democrats in Washington D.C. are quite literally running this great nation into the ground.

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