GOP to Regain House in 2020, Says Graham

Last year’s election resulted in Democrats regaining control of the House of Representatives, as many Americans are painfully aware of. Since the Democrats’ time in the House, they haven’t exactly led with dignity and honor, as a representative should. Instead, they’ve taken it upon themselves to pick fights with people on Twitter, call for the impeachment of President Trump, openly support the abolition of Customs and Border Patrol and even state that the Department of Homeland Security ought to be eliminated.

The optics don’t look good. However, the one silver lining to the underway insanity is the potential advantage which it may give to the Republican Party. We’ve seen what happens when Democrats with radically left leanings are elected to serve in Congress. Many Americans are sick of it and progressives’ decision to alienate their more moderate, in-party counterparts hasn’t helped them as a collective Democrat Party.

These reasons and more are why Lindsey Graham maintains that Democrats will lose control of the House next year, according to Fox News reports.

Graham on the Potential for the GOP to Win the House

Essentially, Graham stated that ideological breakdowns and divisions within the left-wing are going to seriously aid Republicans. He also noted that President Trump has won the districts of many Democrats who are currently serving in Congress. This combined with radically far-left proposals are not going to help Democrats next year, if you let Graham tell it.

In his own words:

“I think Republicans are more likely to take the House because of this breakdown because there are 31 Democrats that hold congressional seats where President Trump won their congressional district. If you cross AOC and the ‘fab four’ you’re going to get a primary.”

Graham additionally stated that President Trump will also ultimately benefit from left-wing squabbles.

“If you vote with them you’re going to lose in the general election. So the biggest beneficiary of this will be the Republican Party and President Trump because the policies these four people are pushing are so out of the mainstream.”

This is not the first time which someone has suggested that the moves and tactics of the Democrat Party will eventually backfire.

The Fate of the House

Quite frankly, there is a very real possibility that Democrats will lose control over the House. Contrary to what certain caucus members may believe, the majority of Americans are not radical, far-left extremists. As Graham noted, President Trump won many of the districts of present House Democrats. This speaks to where many working people stand and it shows that Democrats can be voted out of Congress when the time comes.

Present House caucus members have not set a very good example about why they deserve to be in their current positions. Thus far, thier spats with the House Speaker and Twitter rants have come off as juvenile to people who have been in politics (or watching politics) long enough to know better.

What are your thoughts on Lindsey Graham’s prediction? Will Democrats lose the House of Representatives in 2020? Sound off in the comments section down below!