GOP Prepared to Win 2022, 2024 Elections

Right now, everyone in America has a clear image of what the nation looks like with Democrats calling the shots. 

Some of the biggest issues facing the country right now are an overrun Southern border, massive inflation, Russian criminals targeting U.S. supplies, and more. Biden and Harris have very thoroughly proven to the public that they are not up for the job. Neither the president or vice president have demonstrated even an iota of measured, effective leadership. 

Republicans, in between working to prevent Biden from doing absolute harm to America, are also aware of the long game here. As Democrats seek power and control at all costs, Republicans are setting their sights on 2022 and 2024. 

According to Newsmax, former first son Eric Trump believes that the GOP will have massive wins during both the 2022 midterm races and the 2024 presidential election. 

The Great Red Wave

On Tuesday, the second-youngest son of former President Trump sat down with NewsmaxTV to converse about the current state of affairs in America. Eric Trump pointed out that more and more Americans are “missing” his dad, especially with Biden’s wayward, destructive leadership. 

Trump then continued; the former first son pointed out that the 2022 midterm elections are going to be an absolute “bloodbath” for the Democrat Party. Notably, Trump’s prediction comes amid polls showing that Democrats are highly unlikely to keep their control over the House of Representatives after next November. 

After predicting that Republicans will do well in 2024, Trump also noted the problems that Biden’s created in America. Inflation, a lack of respect for America on the world stage, etc., are just a few examples. The former first son then pointed out that with his father out of office, many Americans don’t feel like there’s anyone to speak for them or fight for them. 

Eric Trump later declared that President Biden’s “incompetence” is very easily clearing the way for massive GOP victories in 2022 and 2024. Finally, the former first son mentioned that even some of the Americans who helped elect Biden are now regretting it. 

The Reality of Biden’s Presidency 

When former President Trump was in the White House, inflation was not a problem; neither were hacks from the Russian government or shortages in essential American supplies. 

The reality of the Biden presidency is irresponsible fiscal spending, open borders, and an administration downplaying the surge of crime in inner cities run by Democrats. By all accounts, Republicans will not have a tough time presenting a better vision to the American people and earning votes in 2022 and 2024. 

Do you think Joe Biden is paving the way for Republicans to step back into power come 2022 and 2024? Let us get your ideas about this matter down below in the comments section.