GOP Office Attacked in Central Florida

Americans are beginning to witness an uptick in inflammatory rhetoric against the GOP. From Joe Biden saying he’s got no respect for “MAGA Republicans” to the governor of New York ordering Republicans in her state to go down to Florida, there are many examples.

Yet, so often, Democrats are the ones who talk about “democracy,” with Biden, in particular, harping about the need to lower the political tensions existing in this country. On his watch, that’s not likely to happen anytime soon.

If anything, Democrats are ramping up political divisions in the hopes that it’ll help them win the midterms. In the wake of this new anti-Republican rhetoric, a GOP office located in Seminole County, near Orlando, Florida, was recently attacked, per Newsmax.

What to Know About the Attack Against the GOP Office

Put simply, the Seminole County office was defaced with a nasty message reading, “Eat sh*t, fascists.” Unsurprisingly, this came within days after Biden called the GOP “semi-fascists” while he was campaigning in Maryland.

Along with the message was superglue put on the office’s door, seemingly to block Seminole County Republicans from being able to enter the building.

Law enforcement investigating the case said the damages amount to a total of about $700. Thus far, there also isn’t any surveillance footage to catch the criminals in the act of defacing this GOP office.

On social media, the Seminole County Republican Party stated that it very much intends to continue moving forward.

More Attacks to Come?

What happened to the Seminole County Republican Party’s office is sadly not an outlier. There are many instances of left-wingers lashing out against the GOP and trying to stop the GOP from organizing or winning elections.

As many people might imagine, there has yet to be any comment from the White House regarding the defacing of this office in Central Florida.

When the administration’s been questioned about Biden writing off Republicans as “semi-fascists” whom he doesn’t have any respect for, it’s only doubled down on these remarks. The same disposition exists within the Democratic National Committee as well.

Time will ultimately tell how much more division is stoked in this country ahead of the midterms. These are impactful elections that will ultimately decide how much power Biden has for the second half of his term in the White House.

Democrats are eager and will seemingly do anything to keep Congress under the thumb of their own party; meanwhile, the GOP is more than keen to regain power in both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

What do you make of the recent attack against the Seminole County Republican Party’s office? Let us know in the comments area if you believe more attacks like this will be coming soon.