GOP Lawmaker Brings Serious Claim Against Biden

The Biden family is under a microscope and for very good reason. Right now, it appears very likely that the family illegally reaped financial benefits from Biden’s vice presidential stint.

It’s also quite well-established at this point that Hunter Biden repeatedly tossed around his father’s name in order to score deals with various foreign business power players. Hunter is moreover under investigation for myriad alleged tax crimes and other wrongdoings.

However, as Republicans do their due diligence in probing the Biden family, Rep. James Comer has come out with some troubling news, according to Red State.

Biden Family Can’t Hide From This

As the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Comer recently said while the GOP probes possible financial crimes committed by the first family, the intimidation of witnesses who may have information is happening.

In fact, Comer just told Fox News that folks working on behalf of Hunter Biden are speaking to the same sources that the House Oversight Committee is in contact with.

Apparently, the extent of these talks involves members of Hunter’s team expressing their disappointment with witnesses who are cooperating with the committee.

While speaking further about the issue, Comer revealed that witnesses with the ability to spill the beans on the Biden family are now afraid to come forward.

A New Can of Worms for America

If the Biden family manages to successfully scare witnesses out of speaking up, this, in and of itself, constitutes a crime.

Meanwhile, Hunter isn’t the only Biden family member who’s being looked into. So far, the House Oversight Committee believes that at least nine members of the president’s family have been engaged in criminal wrongdoings.

There are also reports of the president working with the US attorney general to essentially guarantee that any case made against his son is dead on arrival.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.