GOP House Looking to Censure President Trump

"Donald Trump" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

At this time, the House of Representatives is very much a House divided. Democrats in the lower congressional body are bound and determined to impeach the president; while they have the support of a few GOP members, most House Republicans do not support the ongoing impeachment efforts.

“Donald Trump” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

The vast majority of House Republicans believe that seeking to impeach Trump will only further split the country and incur the ire of Trump’s supporters. Democrats in the House, however, continue arguing that every second that Trump remains president poses danger to America and its principles.
While most House Republicans are not supportive of impeaching President Trump, they’re also not necessarily opposed to formally censuring him, Breitbart News confirms.

The Resolution to Censure President Trump

Thus far, six GOP House members proposed a censure-based resolution directed towards President Trump. If successful, the basis of this censure would revolve around the 45th president’s work to stop the congressional certification of Joe Biden, coupled with supposed incitement of violence at the U.S. Capitol one week ago.
House GOP Reps. Brian Fitzpatrick, Tom Reed, Peter Meijer, John Curtis, Young Kim, and Fred Upton believe their proposed resolution will ease tensions in America and simultaneously hold Trump “accountable.”

In an additional statement, House Republicans declared that Americans must know that Congress “rejects extremism” and “condemns” the actions of President Trump. GOP Reps. Fitzpatrick and Kim also called for the prosecution of Trump loyalists who stormed Capitol Hill and accused the president of poisoning Americans with “false information.”

House Democrats and Impeachment

A resolution to censure President Trump is not enough in the eyes of House Democrats.
As of this morning, Democrats in the House of Representatives continued their work to impeach the 45th president. Unlike the previous time, House Democrats have some support from a few of their Republican colleagues; therefore, impeachment is likely to pass in the lower congressional body.

On Wednesday morning, “#ImpeachmentDay” trended on Twitter as Americans discussed House Democrats’ work to pass their current articles. Some observers noted that if Democrats succeed, then Trump will be the only president thus far to be twice impeached.
Critics of the impeachment proceedings view them as nothing more than political grandstanding.
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