GOP Holds Democrats Accountable for Inflation


There is no denying the United States is undergoing an inflation crisis right now. This inflation crisis is a troubling offshoot of the fiscal policies Democrats have embraced since taking control of the federal government.

As inflation gets more stark, the Biden administration only has excuses. The president wants Americans to believe passing his spending package is the key to taking on inflation once and for all.

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The idea that the country can spend its way out of inflation is very ill-conceived and deeply inaccurate; however, this is the mindset of folks leading the Democrat Party and the United States.

However, as the 2022 midterm elections get closer and closer, Americans are calling out the Democrat Party for just how wrong it truly is on inflation, as confirmed by Newsmax.

A New Ad Ahead of the 2022 Midterms

The Coalition to Protect American Workers, a fiscally conservative organization, is going after multiple House Democrats by running ads regarding inflation in their districts.

The ad itself draws attention to mounting consumer prices, the growing difficulties Americans are facing in being able to pay bills, and the massive price tag associated with Biden’s spending bill.

In the ad, a man is seen getting out of bed to make himself coffee, only for his stove to later shut off. This is an unfortunate reality the nation’s citizens are facing.

As a matter of fact, it’s already been confirmed that it will become more and more expensive for Americans to heat their homes this winter. Meanwhile, the Biden administration is looking into shutting down yet another pipeline.

Make no mistake, if this happens, then gas and energy prices are guaranteed to go up. Democrats in Congress are backing up and reinforcing the dangerous policies of the Biden administration; it is for this reason they need to be voted out of office in 2022.

A Failed Agenda

At this point in time, it is clear to anyone paying attention that Biden’s agenda has failed the nation. If the 46th president was succeeding and having positive impacts on the United States, people wouldn’t be struggling just to pay for the basics in their lives.

If Biden wasn’t a monumental failure as president, the economy wouldn’t be crawling with staffing shortages and other issues stemming from bad policies. Each and every day, new instances mount that further solidify the reality Democrats aren’t doing America any favors.

It is therefore high time to remove Biden’s reinforcements from Congress and replace them with strong conservatives who will stand up for the best interests of the United States and the American people.

Do you think Democrats will be defeated in the 2022 midterm elections? Let us know your thoughts about how Democrats have impacted inflation below in the field for comments.