GOP Counting on Trump to Bring Money to the Party

"Trump Maga Rally in Charlotte, North Car" (CC BY-NC 2.0) by The Epoch Times

Donald Trump is a big name in Republican politics. Despite his enemies’ work to destroy and belittle him, the 45th president still carries great weight within the Republican Party. Weeks after Trump left the Oval Office, the top House Republican met with the former president to enlist his aid in the midterm elections. 

“President Trump, MAGA rally, Wilkes-Barr” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by The Epoch Times

Trump’s presidency transformed the Republican Party; he spoke to men and women who felt forgotten in society while ushering in America First policies. Despite Trump no longer being in office, the impacts of his work are still very much alike. 

As the 2022 congressional elections heat up, Republicans are pulling out all stops to ensure victory. Part of this just so happens to include using Trump’s name to bring in money for the GOP, as Newsmax confirms. 

The GOP’s Strong Reliance Upon Trump

Dan Eberhart, a Republican fundraiser, confirmed recently that Trump’s name is a huge factor as the GOP works to bring in money to the party. According to Eberhart, a “pregnant pause” occurred during the January 6 insurrection and the second round of impeachment proceedings; however, this pause came and went…and now Republicans are relying on the Trump brand. 

According to the GOP fundraiser, the former president is the largest name in GOP politics and a vital asset for Republicans bringing in party money. In a series of emails designed to raise funds, the Republican National Committee has used Trump’s name.

At one point, lawyers for the 45th president even sent cease and desist letters to the GOP, urging them not to use his likeness without permission. However, the GOP ultimately rejected these letters, alleging that Trump’s public figure status gave them the right to use his name. 

The Midterm Elections

Former President Trump remains highly supportive of the Republican Party. Trump maintains that getting America First conservatives into office is imperative to saving the nation; he’s also maintained heavy criticism towards the failed policies and ineffective leadership of President Biden. 

At this time, Republicans are laser focused on ensuring that the midterm elections go the way they want. At a bare minimum, this means the GOP taking back the House. In this regard, Republicans have several factors in their favor; redistricting, Democrats’ already narrow majority, and a lack of strong Independent support for Biden or Democrats are just some examples. 

In the midterm elections, endorsements and campaigning from Trump will make a strong difference. Republicans are ultimately counting on the former president to energize the GOP base, notably the Trump coalition, and help take the party to victory. 

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