Google Sponsored CPAC to Shape Narrative on Nationalism

Adam Kovacevich, an executive of Google, was recently recorded on tape; the content of the recording provides insight into Google’s fascinating, yet sinister agenda as it pertains to conservatives, reports The Daily Caller News Foundation.

A Closer Look at the Recording and Everything You Need to Know

Most Americans are aware of the 2019 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) event which is occurring this weekend.  Fewer Americans may be aware of Google’s decision to sponsor this event for the sake of promoting their own narrative on matters such as immigration. If this sounds like a stretch, the words of Kovacevich should erase any remaining doubt.
In his own words:

“The Republican Party and I think conservatism, in general, is also going through a lot of internal debates about what-what it should be, right, what it should be—the sort of position of the party.”

The Google executive then goes on to state that Google ought to become “involved” in the process of Republicans and conservatives determining the position of the party:

“I think that’s one that we should be involved in because we, I think, probably want to steer conservatives and Republicans more towards a message of liberty and freedom and away from the more nationalistic incendiary nativist comments and things like that.”

What could possibly go wrong with Google inserting themselves into the lives of Republicans and conservatives?
This recording was obtained and aired on Fox News, via the Tucker Carlson Tonight show.

Google’s Double Standard

One of the most fascinating details of all regarding this story is the double standard. Kovacevich talks about steering right-wingers away from what he clearly views as extreme ideologies, but where is this energy as it pertains to left-wing extremism? Big tech companies and other establishments with considerable, liberal leanings appear to be under the mistaken impression that only conservatives or Republicans can be radicals. This is simply not accurate.
The radicalism of the left-wing is on full display virtually every time one reads the news. Conservatives are constantly vilified as racists, xenophobes, and worse by Democrats. Trump supporters are being cursed out, attacked, and having their MAGA hats stolen in public. Until Google sees fit to “involve” themselves in a mission to curtail left-wing extremism, maybe they ought to sit it out when it comes to the party positions of conservatives and Republicans.
What do you think about the newfound recording of Google executive Adam Kovacevich? Should Google become more hands-on with the right-wing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!
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