Glenn Youngkin Handily Defeats Terry McAuliffe in Virginia

For weeks on end, the Virginia gubernatorial election has been a nail-biter. Then-candidates Glenn Youngkin (a Republican) and Terry McAuliffe (a Democrat) went at it. Youngkin and McAuliffe each made their case to Virginians regarding why they should become the next governor of the commonwealth.

Youngkin managed to secure the endorsements of top Republicans including former President Trump and former Vice President Pence. Pence even traveled to Virginia to campaign for Youngkin, speaking about the importance of education and school choice.

McAuliffe, meanwhile, got top Democrats like Barack Obama, Kamala Harris, and Joe Biden to campaign for him. The Virginia Democrat also made it clear he didn’t believe parents should be directing school boards what to teach their kids.

On Tuesday, November 2, voters in Virginia elected Republican Glenn Youngkin as their next governor, as reported nationwide and by Breitbart News.

What to Know About Youngkin’s Victory in Virginia

Going into Tuesday, Youngkin was already ahead in the polls. This marked a shift from where McAuliffe first led Youngkin, only for the two to later end up in dead heat. While Youngkin rose in the polls, McAuliffe fell.

As the results poured in last night, Youngkin supporters gathered at Westfields Marriott Dulles Washington. Supporters were also seen carrying signs showing their backing of Youngkin. Joining them were Youngkin campaign workers who were reportedly confident about Tuesday being a good night.

As the night carried out, Decision Desk HQ eventually called the race for Youngkin. Shortly after midnight, ABC News, Bloomberg, Fox News, and other American media platforms declared Youngkin won the race.

Following the 1 AM hour this morning, Youngkin appeared with his family and gave his victory speech. The governor-elect of Virginia thanked his family, staff, supporters, and stated his candidacy served as a movement.

Youngkin assured Virginians as governor, he will fight for school choice, low taxes, and a better life for members of the commonwealth.

Reactions to Youngkin’s Win

Republicans across the nation didn’t hesitate to congratulate the governor-elect of Virginia on his victory. The GOP cheered, declaring Youngkin’s success as a win for conservative policies and a rejection of the Biden administration’s policies.

Likewise, conservatives also took to social media, calling on Terry McAuliffe to concede the election. The last social media post McAuliffe made (as of this reporting) is claiming all votes aren’t in and more have to be counted.

At this point, however, it is very clear Youngkin will be the next governor. The days ahead will reveal whether McAuliffe chooses to concede or declines to speak about his defeat in the commonwealth of Virginia.

Are you glad to learn Glenn Youngkin will be the next governor of Virginia? Were you expecting him to win? We’d like to find out in the comments area below.