Georgia Sen. Loeffler Self-Isolates Following Inconclusive COVID-19 Test Results

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The two Senate run-offs happening in Georgia have prompted heavy campaigning from Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue. In order for Loeffler and Perdue to continue serving in the Senate (and keep the body under a GOP majority), defeating Democrats Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff is imperative.

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Both Georgia Republicans remain hard at work. They’ve released multiple ads and traveled across the Peach State for a series of Defend the Majority rallies, with more events to come. Perdue has already debated Ossoff multiple times; meanwhile, Loeffler and Warnock are set to have several debates during this campaign season.
Following a busy week of campaigning, Newsmax reports that Sen. Loeffler is currently in quarantine, following mixed and inconclusive results from COVID-19 tests.

What to Know About Loeffler’s Tests for Coronavirus

On Friday, Loeffler spent time campaigning with Vice President Mike Pence and fellow Sen. Perdue in Canton and Gainesville, Georgia. The Republican incumbent spoke at both Defend the Majority rallies, urging Peach State residents to get out and vote in these run-offs.
Before these events on Friday, Loeffler tested negative for COVID-19 two times. Then, during Friday evening, the Georgia senator received a positive test for coronavirus; finally, on Saturday morning, yet another test for the virus came back inconclusive.

In light of these details, Loeffler is currently self-quarantining. A statement from the senator’s campaign confirms that she’s not experiencing any symptoms of the virus and is feeling well; Loeffler is also waiting for more conclusive coronavirus test results before leaving quarantine.

Will Loeffler Still be Able to Campaign?

Additional test results for COVID-19 will likely determine how soon the Georgia senator is able to get back on the campaign trails. Several more Defend the Majority rallies remain scheduled; however, whether or not Loeffler can attend currently remains to be seen.

A statement from the senator’s campaign confirms that she’s not only self-isolating, but also sharing the inconclusive status of her test results with people she closely and recently interacted with. Amid news that Loeffler received unclear coronavirus test results, “Kelly Loeffler” trended on Twitter as of Sunday morning.
Do you think Sen. Kelly Loeffler will receive negative tests for COVID-19 during her next screening? How do you think the current self-quarantine will impact the Georgia run-off races? Be sure to let us know what you believe will happen down below in the comments section.