Georgia Runoff Democrat Downplays Seriousness of Opioid Crisis

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In America, the opioid crisis is something that’s negatively impacted so many lives. It’s also a matter that the Trump administration has made a point of taking on and stomping out.
Most Americans are able to acknowledge the seriousness and gravity of the opioid crisis; however, Georgia Democrat Raphael Warnock, who seeks to unseat Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler, doesn’t fall into this category.

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Warnock has made some troubling remarks about the opioid crisis, according to Breitbart News; although, his statements are in keeping with past rhetoric and poor stances on matters pertaining to race.
This is critical, seeking as Warnock wants to be elected into the United States Senate.

What Warnock Really Thinks of the Opioid Crisis

Warnock’s statements about the opioid crisis arrived in 2019 while he delivered a sermon at Georgia’s Ebenezer Baptist Church. According to Warnock, the primary reason for the opioid crisis’s classification as a public health emergency is due to the victims of this crisis being mainly suburban and white.

Later on during the same sermon, Warnock spoke of a “spiritual sickness” in the suburbs and others communities. His statements about the opioid crisis arrive amid new developments of other questionable statements; just yesterday, the NRA released footage of Warnock, during a sermon, mocking gun owners who carry in churches.
The Georgia Democrat has an unfortunate track record of making these types of statements. Warnock, who wants the votes of Georgians, is forever on the record declaring that America must repent for “worshipping whiteness.” He also believes that the country’s greatest “pre-existing condition” is racism.

A Choice for Georgians to Make

Americans who reside in the Peach State have a very clear choice to make between Loeffler and Warnock. How Georgians vote will determine the Senate’s majority and whether or not radical, racially-charged, and far-left rhetoric has a seat at the table in Congress.

Warnock has yet to apologize for any of the aforementioned statements. Instead, he is working to soften up his persona by holding and walking with puppies in campaign ads. Across America, conservatives are calling for Georgians to vote accordingly and re-elect Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue.
What do you think about Warnock’s statements regarding the opioid crisis in the United States? Does someone with his views belong in the Senate? Let us know what you think about Warnock and his rhetoric in the comments section below!