Georgia Republican Governor Spars with Atlanta’s Democrat Mayor

Over the past almost two years, the contrast between Republican leaders and Democrat leaders has become more apparent than ever. Republican leaders seek to preserve individual freedoms and personal liberties; Democrats seek to toss freedoms and liberties to the wayside for more control…then they claim their control is for the greater good.

The multifaceted issues and debates surrounding COVID and other problems facing the nation are now heightening tensions between Republicans and Democrats in power. This is happening at all levels of government; meanwhile, Americans nationwide are feeling the impacts. Furthermore, these tensions show zero signs of subsiding anytime soon.

This week marks a new chapter in the saga of repeated conflict between Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp and Atlanta Democrat Mayor Keisha Bottoms, per Breitbart News.

Kemp vs. Bottoms on Mask Mandates, Rising Crime, and More

Atlanta, Georgia has seen a disturbing rise in crime over the past several months. Recently, news broke that a Taco Mac in the Atlanta area is shutting down, due to crime and the business’s inability to protect its staffers and workers. The rise in crime comes after Mayor Bottoms interfering with Atlanta police cracking down on crime.

However, as it turns out, the Atlanta mayor isn’t focused on driving down her city’s crime rates. Instead, her top priority is mask mandates and getting as many people masked up as possible.

On Monday, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp called this out while speaking with Breitbart News. Kemp declared that as Bottoms talks about “data points,” she’s ignoring the crime in her own city.

Kemp’s remarks also come after Bottoms and other Democrat mayors went after his executive order that bars governments from forcing vaccine/mask mandates and capacity restrictions on businesses. After Kemp noted the crime issues in Atlanta, he also pointed out that Bottoms’ beloved mask mandates are not legally enforced.

Misplaced Priorities

Sadly, the Atlanta mayor is far from the only Democrat leader with misplaced priorities. Democrats, like President Biden, are more focused on forcing little children to wear face masks all day than they are on stranded Americans and allies in Afghanistan.

Biden has directed more vitriol to GOP governors than he has to the Taliban, a terrorist group which is now openly threatening this country. At this point, it’s painfully apparent that Democrat leadership is not sustainable.

We cannot go on as we’ve been. America needs strong Republicans in leadership nationwide at all levels. This is our only path to save the United States from this downward spiral that Democrats remain committed to.

What do you think about this latest conflict between the Georgia GOP governor and the Democrat mayor of Atlanta? Share your insight, feedback, and perspectives with us below in the comments section.