Georgia Governor Pushes Back on Leftist Cancel Culture

The state of Georgia has been under attack for weeks on end now, thanks to the liberal left.

Democrats lost their minds after the Peach State passed a commonsense election integrity bill to ensure that voting is accessible, while cheating is hard. Immediately, Democrats from President Biden to Stacey Abrams on down claimed that Georgia’s voting bill was akin to Jim Crow and making it tougher for Georgians of color to vote. 

“Thank You” (CC BY 2.0) by Georgia National Guard

Georgia Republicans and conservatives across the country have since pushed back on these partisan and malicious lies. This morning, Georgia GOP Governor Brian Kemp stated that leftist cancel culture is now starting to backfire on woke Democrats, as reported by Fox News

Governor Kemp on Democrats’ Woke Cancel Culture 

This morning, the Georgia governor called out Democrats for intentionally lying about the state’s election integrity legislation for political gain.

When speaking with Fox & Friends, Kemp explained that Democrats ultimately just want to push H.R. 1; this particular bill is still in the middle of going through Congress. However, if H.R. 1 passes through Congress, it will strip states of the right to run their own elections while furthermore outlawing voter ID requirements. 

Ultimately, Kemp explained that Democrats’ lies about the Georgia election bill backfired because the left failed to actually read the legislation before railing against it.

Furthermore, the Georgia GOP governor praised Sen. Tim Scott’s GOP response to Biden’s congressional address last night. Kemp explained that, unlike the Democrats, Scott delivered an honest account of what the Georgia election bill actually entails. 

Republican Governors Against Biden’s Radical Agenda

When Biden addressed the nation last night, he spent time pushing radical and expensive policies. With all the spending packages that this president wants to be passed in America, it would amount to a whopping $6T within a six-month period. 

This level of spending is not sustainable. Republicans know it. Conservatives know it. This is why GOP governors are imperative in the fight against Biden’s radical agenda. This president has clearly demonstrated that he’ll do whatever he can to pass expensive spending packages that ship jobs overseas and force Americans to depend upon the government. 

Sadly, the Democrats’ H.R. 1 is barely the tip of the iceberg. 

What do you think about the Georgia Republican governor’s pushback against Democrats’ radical woke lies and cancel culture? Do you think Republican lawmakers can stop H.R. 1 from passing? Let us know down below in the comment section.