Georgia Governor Loses Favor with Trump

"Gov. Kemp Keynote Address" (CC BY 2.0) by Georgia National Guard

Earlier this month, Georgia certified Joe Biden as the formal winner of their state. This certification happened in spite of uncounted ballots, many reports of voter fraud, malpractice, and much more.
Many right-wing Georgians are furious; they feel cheated and disenfranchised with no faith in the electoral process. In turn, these feelings have engendered talk about Republicans boycotting the upcoming senatorial runoffs in order to send a message to the GOP; however, President Trump warned against this, stating that such a boycott would only play into the Democrats’ hands.

“Ready…” (CC BY 2.0) by Georgia National Guard

It turns out that the president also has some choice words for Brian Kemp, the GOP governor of Georgia. According to Breitbart News, Trump came out yesterday and confirmed that he regrets ever endorsing Kemp for his current position.

Why the Georgia Governor is on the Outs with Trump

In a nutshell, President Trump believes that Kemp has not acted appropriately in regards to handling the 2020 election in Georgia. Yesterday, during a Fox Business interview, the president stated that judges and electoral officials “made deals” in the Peach State while Kemp did nothing to stop them.

After Trump admitted that he’s “ashamed” to have ever given Kemp his endorsement, the president declared that what’s happening in Georgia as of now is “terrible.” This latest censure of the Peach State’s governor comes after Trump called upon Kemp to ensure that signature checks are part of ballot recounts.

A Call to Action for Kemp

President Trump’s censure of the Georgia governor continued this morning.
The president took to Twitter this time, stating that Kemp ought to override the Georgia secretary of state to ensure signature matches on ballot envelopes. Trump furthermore explained that checking for these matches would reveal extensive fraud before calling on Kemp to “get it done.”

Thus far, the Georgia governor has not openly responded to remarks made by President Trump yesterday on Fox Business or this morning via Twitter.
In Georgia, there are several Stop the Steal rallies planned for today, one of them stationed outside of the governor’s mansion. Kemp certified the Georgia election results awhile ago and the GOP secretary of state continues to maintain that there was no fraud.
What do you think about President Trump’s criticism of the Georgia governor? Do you believe Kemp has handled the 2020 presidential election appropriately? Let us know down below in the comments section.