Georgia Democrat Raphael Warnock's Praise for Nation of Islam Resurfaces

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In Georgia, Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler is seeking another Senate term. Loeffler’s opponent, Georgia Democrat Raphael Warnock, is working to block her from winning her runoff race; although, a recent Trafalgar Poll has shown the Georgia Republican beating Warnock by several points.
Yesterday, early voting officially began in the Peach State. Between now and December 31, Georgians will have the opportunity to determine whether or not they want Republicans to keep or lose majority control of the U.S. Senate.

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Now, Warnock is already under fire for extremist comments; these comments entail, but are definitely not restricted to, Warnock writing off police officers as “thugs” and “gangsters” and declaring that no one can serve God and the military at the same time.
Now, information from Newsmax confirms that Warnock’s 2013 praise for the Nation of Islam has resurfaced.

Why Warnock Loves the Nation of Islam

Almost eight years ago, Warnock spoke favorably of the Nation of Islam. Long before the Democrat started running for Congress (and has hence worked to soften his persona), Warnock shared his true opinions on the Nation of Islam.
In Warnock’s own words, he declared that the Nation of Islam is “significant” and “important” for black theological development. Warnock then claimed that the Nation of Islam keeps black preachers in line when the latter promotes the “white man’s religion” and a “slave religion” involving heaven.

Warnock continued lauding the Nation of Islam as a form of checks-and-balances; this involved the Democrat stating that African-American pastors are forced to remain truthful because of the Nation of Islam.

The Radical Agenda of Raphael Warnock

When Sen. Loeffler debated Warnock this month, she challenged him to disavow socialism/communism and Marxism. Warnock couldn’t do it. He also wouldn’t answer any questions about whether or not he supports packing the Supreme Court.
However, the Georgia Democrat has certainly been vocal about his support for releasing prisoners from incarceration and gutting cash bail. Warnock’s campaign is furthermore propped up by Defund the Police radicals and others who oppose law and order.

There is a reason why Warnock has praised the Nation of Islam, Marxism, etc., while demonizing police officers and saying that no one can serve in the military and worship God at the same time.
Georgians will now have to decide whether or not they want to vote Warnock into the U.S. Senate.
What do you think about Raphael Warnock’s comments on the Nation of Islam? Do you believe he should serve in the Senate? Let us know in the comments section below!