Georgia Conservatives "Eager to Vote" in Senate Runoffs

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In two more days, the Senate runoffs in Georgia will wrap up. The two congressional seats up for grabs are currently being defended by Republicans David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler; meanwhile, Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock are the Democrats working to replace the two current Georgia GOP senators.

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If Republicans keep the Senate, the GOP will serve as a healthy check on policies that House Democrats and Joe Biden seek to pass. However, in the Georgia runoffs, Republicans have to keep at least one seat in order to not lose their majority to Senate Democrats.
Getting out the vote is a very important matter…and according to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, conservatives in Georgia are quite eager to vote, per Breitbart News.

Getting Out the Vote for Perdue and Loeffler

After campaigning for Sen. Loeffler in Cumming, Georgia, Cruz spoke with the press on Saturday. According to the Republican senator, anyone discouraging Georgia Republicans from voting for Perdue and Loeffler has a “different agenda” that involves a national takeover from the “hard left.”
Cruz is one of several Republicans from across the nation who’s campaigned extensively on behalf of the two Georgia senators. The Texas senator then informed the media that “every conservative” he knows is eager for the GOP to win these runoffs.

Cruz acknowledged the issues with voter fraud and election integrity in America; however, the Texas GOP senator also warned that handing Democrats the Senate would empower them to strip Americans of free speech rights, religious liberty rights, Second Amendment rights, etc.
Ultimately, Cruz predicted that Georgians shall recognize all that is on the line here and “protect and preserve our liberty.”

The Final Day to Vote

Already, more than three million Georgia residents cast a ballot in the Senate runoff races. That amounts to precisely 38.8% of Georgians who are registered to vote. The rest of remaining voters will have the chance to go to their polling locations on Tuesday, January 5.

While the Georgia runoffs come to an end on Tuesday, the announcement of the winners is expected to arrive later. Georgia officials are projected to still be counting votes after Tuesday; this is engendered by the massive voter turnout in the Peach State thus far.
Do you believe Georgians will vote red and save the Senate? Be sure to share your thoughts about these special elections in the comments section below.