Gavin Newsom Indirectly Funding the Russian Onslaught in Ukraine!

In a recent interview with Just The News, California native Kevin McCarthy decided to tear into Gavin Newsom’s energy plan for the year.

According to him, Newsom’s actions would lead to a noticeable shrinking of the power grid, followed by price spikes. Most importantly, it would make the state of California fully dependent on Russian oil.

Despite all the sanctions, California remains reliant on Russian oil

Sounds kinda strange, considering liberals were among the first to actually propose sanctioning the country; yet, now they’re practically willing to fund Putin’s war machine for the sake of some unknown agenda.

McCarthy likened Newsom’s approach to the way Biden does things, as he’s choosing to rely entirely on one source of energy, instead of broadening his horizons.

Newsom’s priorities included a rapid switch from fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy, which is reflected in his attempts at removing non-electric vehicles from the market.

However, these cars come with one major downside and that’s the fact you’ve got to charge them every so often, which won’t exactly be possible, should Newsom’s energy plan remain in effect.

Can’t charge your Tesla if the power’s out

If the latest developments aren’t enough to get the message across, it’s hard to forget the endless blackouts the state of California experienced last year, mainly due to its dependence on renewable sources.

In the wake of these events, Jim Patterson appeared on Just The News for an interview, stating California became too dependent on wind and solar energy sources.

Now that they’ve abandoned fossil fuels, California has no one but Russia to rely on when it comes to oil, which will lead to the lining of Putin’s pockets and other Russian officials’ pockets.

McCarthy described Newsom’s actions as a direct attack on energy production in the US, explaining how he reduced California’s oil production by 50,000 barrels a day, even though the state had already been producing 20% less oil.

Woke for the sake of woke has never proven to be effective; it’s become painfully obvious if you just look at what California has become.

On the other hand, the Lower Energy Costs Act is expected to be highly effective at lowering emissions and promoting our country’s energy dependence, without offering a single dollar to Russia for their oil.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.