Gas Prices and Access to Supplies Projected to Get a Lot Worse

Hardship in the United States continues to pile up. For the past 12 months, higher prices have been a major threat to Americans’ financial well-being and overall living.

On top of this, crime has grown in numerous communities; this is a cumulative effect of different left-wing, anti-police policies that have been put in place since 2020.

Baby formula shortages have only been added to the list of what this country is up against. The Biden administration talked a good game about solutions; however, each of these problems and many others still exist.

Now, a Newsmax report indicates that gas prices are about to get more expensive, while supply shortages become more common.

A Negative Forecast For the Country

Apparently, gas stations throughout America are prepared for prices to grow even more. In some of the worst-case scenarios, gas could surpass $10 per gallon or even be completely out of supply at certain stations.

As it turns out, some stations today are already short on premium, regular unleaded, and diesel fuel.

In Washington State, for instance, 76 gas station is making room on its sign displays to soon show prices that are $10.00+.

Unfortunately, as all this shakes out, the Biden administration is doing nothing to stop it. Just earlier this month, the White House shut down oil lease sales that were set to go through in both Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico.

Ongoing Lies From Democrats and the White House

When former President Trump left office last year, $2.41 was the average, per-gallon price of gas. Under Biden, gas prices are multiple times this high, with projected increases on the horizon.

Yet, Democrats and the White House continue to attribute this to so-called “corporate greed” on the ends of oil and gas companies.

The reality is that the prices the public pays for gas are largely impacted by what gas stations have to disburse first to obtain the resource.

This isn’t about corporations suddenly deciding to be greedy.

These expensive rates of gas, with higher prices on the horizon, are the results of both left-wing spending in the federal government, along with bad policies that work against energy independence here in America.

Americans today are already having trouble with affording gas. It goes without saying that people cannot afford to dish out $10.00+ per gallon just to get gas.

If prices really do get that high, it will mark a low point for the nation at large. There will be many unhappy people with few financial resources.

What do you think about reports that shortages of gas are likely coming, in addition to gas prices that are $10 per gallon? We’re very much interested in learning your reaction to this down below in the area for comments.