Free Speech Shut Down at Virginia University as Protesters Target Pro-Life Event

Liberal students disrupted a pro-life rally at Virginia Commonwealth University by hurling obscenities and even hurling attacks, wounding a member of the pro-life club.

The protestors disrupted Kristen Hawkins and Isabel Brown’s speech at the campus as part of their Lies Pro-Choicers Believe tour.


Recordings from the event show demonstrators yelling “f**k pro-lifers” and “Nazis, go home” as two ladies stood behind podiums, ready to speak.

Hawkins turned to Twitter to voice her displeasure with the institution for permitting the issue to grow and impeding free expression. She further alleged that the demonstrators attacked her and her companions.

In a video uploaded by the organization Students for Life, Hawkins contacted school security, who did not act as the demonstrators continued to yell insults. Autumn Higashi, the president of the Students for Life chapter, was harmed, as alleged by Brown.

Eventually, two members of the pro-life group’s security and local law enforcement arrived and evacuated the room of demonstrators.

Students said, “You go first!” While the protesters continued to chant, school administrators removed Hawkins, Brown, and other pro-life advocates from the room.

During the event, Brown stated on Twitter they were brought inside a secured area for almost two hours for their protection, while aggressive demonstrators were allowed to move freely.

She stated that questions were solicited from both pro-life and pro-choice students to foster discourse.


Hawkins and Brown anticipated the room would be filled with demonstrators, but they welcomed the resistance. Brown stated they allowed the protestors to ask questions first, but the demonstrators firmly declined.

Two non-school-affiliated individuals were detained at the event. Anthony Marvin and Natalie Hoskins III were given charges of assault and disorderly behavior, respectively.

Several of the demonstrators were recognized as Antifa by Students for Life, based on their signs and attire. Kristopher Goad, who has links to Antifa, distributed a flier directing students to a ‘counter-protest.’

Nevertheless, Goad denied organizing the event and claimed to be covering it as a local journalist.

Students for Life requested the university permit the ladies to return to campus to deliver their remarks; although it is questionable whether the institution would grant this request.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.