Former World Leader Warns of Need For Unity Against Iran

These days, there’s no denying that our country has taken some serious hits when it comes to foreign policy.

Joe Biden’s decisions, such as begging nations that hate us for oil and mishandling 2021’s US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, hurt this nation on the world stage. They caused enemies to perceive America as more vulnerable and less of a dominant force.

Meanwhile, our allies have also watched the current administration show more concern with appeasing anti-American countries under Biden’s tenure.

Things have gotten so out of control that one US official is now sounding the alarm, according to Fox News.

A Very Clear Warning

Across the globe, enemy nations are making it clear that they intend to increase their own power, notably at the expense of the West and America, specifically.

It is for this reason that Naftali Bennett, Israel’s former prime minister, stressed the importance of America unifying with his own country against Iran.

Bennett noted this is a very serious matter since Iran remains well on its way to getting a hold of nuclear weapons. It is his view that in order to prevent this from taking place, America is going to need to collaborate with Israel.

The former prime minister forewarned that if the United States fails to join forces with Israel and keep nuclear weapons away from Iran, then terrorists in multiple hostile nations will gain control of them.

Unfortunately, the Biden administration has not relinquished its push to get the United States back into the Iran Nuclear Deal.

A Dangerous Pattern

With the current White House administration, there is a pattern of it failing to recognize foreign policy problems that need tweaking. The president’s inability to deal with hostilities from other countries is just a prime example of this.

It remains to be seen if anyone in our government heeds the warning from Israel’s former prime minister before it’s too late.