Former Vice President Pence Starts New Conservative Podcast

The United States is in a very tough position right now. At this moment, we’re stuck with a president for the next 3.5 years who has demonstrated an absolutely callous lack of regard for freedoms and liberties.

Biden, time and time again, has shown more anger towards members of his opposing political party than towards terrorists. This president is willing to work with the Taliban, yet he issues threats against Americans who choose not to get the COVID vaccine and GOP governors.

Now, more than ever, the need for the conservative movement exists. Thankfully, though, former Vice President Mike Pence is working to keep the conservative movement alive and well.

As documented by Breitbart News, Pence just recently kicked off an “American Freedom” podcast beside Young America’s Foundation.

What to Know About the Former Vice President’s Podcast

The launch of Pence’s new podcast comes in a partnership with the Young America’s Foundation. Furthermore, the very first episode of American Freedom focuses on 9/11 and the Americans who lost their lives 20 years ago today.

In a public press release, Pence shared more information about what the nation can expect from his new podcast. The former vice president noted that American Freedom will center around resisting radical leftism and encouraging traditional values under the conservative umbrella.

Pence’s first American Freedom episode is a somber one. In this, he talks with young people whose dads passed away, due to the terrorist attacks. The vice president’s first podcast episode also serves as a means to connect with younger Americans.

In addition to starting American Freedom, Pence will also be speaking at different college campuses across the United States. All of this plays a role in advancing and defending the conservative movement, especially at such a time as this.

Keeping Conservatism Alive in Biden’s America

Right now, the current president is doing everything he can to rip this country apart. Biden couldn’t even deliver a 9/11 address to the nation without trashing Americans. This comes days after his speech where he lambasted Americans for their personal medical decisions.

Keeping conservatism alive is a must, especially with Biden in office. There’s no doubt that Pence’s podcast and his speaking engagements across the nation will reach people. Hopefully, this will have a positive impact as Republicans and conservatives face the upcoming 2022 midterm races and the 2024 presidential election.

Pence also recently slammed Biden’s attacks on Republican governors and unvaccinated Americans; the vice president furthermore described Biden’s current endeavor to implement a nationwide COVID vaccine mandate as unlike anything he’d ever seen.

Will you be tuning into former Vice President Mike Pence’s new podcast? Do you believe this will have positive impacts on the conservative movement in the United States as a whole? Let us get your views below in the comments section.