Former Trump Campaign Manager Issues Warning to Mainstream Media

The mainstream media has made no bones about flaunting their aversion to President Trump. This is something which Americans witnessed time and time again when then-candidate Trump ran for office in 2016. All in all, the press continues to leave out details and opine instead of reporting; then they are shocked when they get called fake news. Furthermore, the mainstream media has completely run with the story of President Trump supposedly engaging in a quid-pro-quo with the leader of Ukraine; the media continues to push this narrative, despite evidence which exists to the contrary.

Many Americans are speaking out about the manner in which the press has chosen to go about the controversy surrounding Ukraine. On Monday, former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski shared his thoughts and moreover warned that the media’s actions will backfire on them, as documented by Fox News.

A Closer Look at Lewandowski’s Warning to the Mainstream Media

Yesterday, Lewandowski sat down and delivered remarks during The Ingraham Angle. At this time, the former Trump campaign manager noted that the media is purposefully trying to persuade Americans to support the impeachment of the president. Lewandowski stated that the press is “making the news” instead of doing their jobs and reporting the news.

In Lewandowski’s own words:

“The media is no longer just reporting the news; they’re making the news. What they want to do, in my opinion, is get the American people behind this impeachment by saying, ‘Americans support this! This is what we all want!’ It’s all gonna backfire.”

Lewandowski additionally weighed in on Joe Biden’s dirty dealings with Ukraine, something which the Democrat Party is trying their hardest to avoid drawing attention to.

Will the Media Heed Lewandowski’s Warning?

At this time, it’s virtually guaranteed that the media will continue on their current path. They’re in too deep to give it up now and President Trump is a threat to them. With the 2020 presidential election season being here, there’s a desperation from the left-wing to do anything which they believe will help them politically.

Already, Lewandowski’s statements are being proven as accurate. More and more attention is being placed on Joe Biden; furthermore, the Democrat narrative of President Trump allegedly engaging in a quid-pro-quo continues to fall apart as facts and evidence emerge.

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