Former MAGA Allies Clash Over McCarthy Vote in Capitol Bathroom

Former MAGA allies Marjorie Taylor-Greene and Lauren Boebert were already at arms when Kevin McCarthy announced his candidacy for House Speaker, with the latter refusing to support his decision.

However, a recent report shows the two clashed on the matter even off the House floor, meeting at the Capitol bathroom where MTG had a thing or two to say to Boebert about her traitorous behavior.

Marjorie Taylor Greene presses Boebert for not supporting McCarthy

According to several reputable sources, the two women were in a “screaming match.” It happened during the House floor vote two weeks ago when Boebert showed no support for McCarthy, despite being heavily financed by him.

During the conflict, MTG confronted Boebert right after the representative was leaving her bathroom stall, claiming she’d gladly taken McCarthy’s money for her re-election campaign, but wouldn’t stick up for him during the House Speaker race.

Several other sources backed this up, some even revealing the word-for-word exchange between the two women, with MTG accusing Boebert of taking millions away from McCarthy for nothing.

Immediately after being scolded, Boebert ran out of the bathroom and returned to the House floor as the vote was still being cast.

A recent investigation into MTG’s claims found that Boebert didn’t, in fact, receive any funds from McCarthy during her latest election run.

A rivalry that goes way back

The only witness to the situation, Democratic Rep. Debbie Dingell, refused to comment on the developments between the two women, leaving us in the dark regarding any additional information.

Much like Dingell, neither of the two women involved issued any statements upon request, despite Marjorie Taylor-Greene walking out as the obvious victor from the altercation.

It’s no surprise she did this either, as she’s been one of McCarthy’s greatest supporters from the very start when he’d announced he’ll be gunning for the House Speaker seat.

Boebert, on the other hand, was heavily opposed to this and did everything in her power to prevent it from happening.

This wasn’t the first exchange between the two. Only a month earlier, in December, Greene sent out several complaints about Boebert, as the latter wasn’t endorsing McCarthy or Trump after everything they’d done for her campaign.

Things were only made worse when Boebert took to Twitter to try and smear Greene by claiming the comments she’d made about her were “unhinged,” which only added more fuel to this dumpster fire.

A couple of years earlier, Boebert attacked Greene over her appearance at one of Nick Fuentes’ events, which prompted an argument that easily could’ve become physical if someone hadn’t stepped in to intervene.

However, none of this removes from the fact that McCarthy managed to take Pelosi’s gavel, with or without Boebert’s support. With what he’s got planned, we’re on course to returning greatness to the United States.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.