Florida’s DeSantis Dismisses Challenge from Democrat Nikki Fried

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Florida politics are heating up. Governor Ron DeSantis’ profile has continued to rise amid his responses to COVID-19, proactive stance supporting law and order, protecting girls’ sports, and more. 

Many conservatives in Florida are pleased with the leadership of DeSantis. Not only has he fought against COVID restrictive mandates, but he’s also taken a stance against rioting and other acts of lawlessness. 

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Democrats, on the other hand, are itching to turn Florida into a lockdown dystopia where crime and mayhem run amuck. Nikki Fried, Florida’s agriculture commissioner and a Democrat, has therefore announced her candidacy in the state’s gubernatorial race. 

On Wednesday, DeSantis made very clear what he thinks about the Florida Democrat running for his job, as Townhall confirms. 

The Florida Governor on a Challenge from Fried

Earlier this week, Governor DeSantis made clear that the Florida agriculture commissioner is in no way suitable for the job of governor. DeSantis slammed Fried for doing nothing more than “emoting” on different social media sites and pandering to leftist donors in New York and California. 

The GOP governor then took note of Fried’s policies. DeSantis explained that Fried has wasted millions of Florida taxpayer dollars to have her face plastered on pumps at gas stations. Moreover, DeSantis pointed out that were Fried governor now, Florida would be a shutdown state, schools would be closed, and businesses destroyed. 

Finally, DeSantis explained that he did more in his first week as governor than Fried did throughout her role as Florida’s agriculture commissioner. Multiple Florida Democrats have expressed an interest in challenging DeSantis; however, his poll numbers look pretty promising. 

One survey, for instance, shows DeSantis beating out Democrats Nikki Fried, Charlie Crist, and Val Demings by double digits each. 

Strong Re-election Chances for DeSantis

Truth be told, the Florida governor’s chances of re-election are very great. Florida’s thriving economy and ability to attract hundreds of new residents per day is a result of DeSantis’ leadership. 

Businesses that were forced into closure in lockdown leftist states have made their way to Florida for freedom. Moreover, DeSantis consistently shows that he will not back down from smears or attacks from leftists.

Many Americans have lauded the Florida governor as the greatest governor in America. Meanwhile, each and every leftist planning a run against DeSantis wants the precise opposite of his leadership. 

They want lockdowns and Floridian businesses closed. Leftists long for mask mandates, vaccine passports, and a litany of other government edicts. Floridians have seen the benefits of DeSantis’ leadership; therefore, it is highly unlikely that a Democrat will manage to weasel their way into the Florida governor’s mansion. 

Do you think the Florida GOP governor stands a pretty solid chance of winning re-election. Let us know in the comments section below.