Florida Will Soon Become a Constitutional Carry State

Across America, gun ownership is rising. More Americans than ever are realizing the significance of self-defense, especially as the need for this increases.

In many major US cities, crime is up. The rise of crime is a tragic result of left-wing policies that cut bail for offenders, release prisoners from jail prematurely, and treat police as though they’re the enemy.

It’s no coincidence that within the past several years, millions of Americans, including minorities and women, have become new gun owners.

Since January 2021, nine states have legalized constitutional carry, a law permitting people to carry firearms on their person without permits.

Days ago, Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis announced that Florida will soon become a constitutional carry state, according to Yahoo.

The Florida Governor on Constitutional Carry

While speaking at a press event in Williston, Florida, Governor DeSantis affirmed that constitutional carry will pass in the state before his time as governor does.

DeSantis explained this is ultimately something the Florida state legislature will get done, which he will subsequently sign into law.

As far as a timeframe for the passage of constitutional carry, that remains unknown.

Nevertheless, the Florida governor’s commitment is that at some point, while he’s in office, a law will be passed that lets the residents of his state carry guns without concealed carry licenses.

DeSantis’ announcement comes weeks after Georgia became the 25th state to pass constitutional carry. Momentum for letting Americans carry firearms without permits comes as the Biden administration works hard to curtail gun rights altogether.

As it turns out, this agenda doesn’t sit so well with the American public.

The Continued Fight For Gun Rights

The rise of constitutional carry laws across the United States is just one step in the fight for protecting the Second Amendment in America.

In real time, the Biden administration has plans to put together a national gun registry, something that remains at odds with federal law. On top of this, history has shown that gun registries always come before confiscations.

The president’s gone on record, admitting that he believes handguns and pistols are “weapons of war.” He also thinks handguns and pistols can carry up to 40 rounds of ammunition per magazine.

At the end of the day, Biden has no idea what he’s talking about when it comes to firearms or gun ownership. However, that’s not stopping him from pushing for reforms that stem from ignorance and lies.

It is for this reason that constitutional carry and other means of safeguarding gun rights are so critical.

Are you glad that Florida is on its way to becoming a constitutional carry state? In the comments area below, let us know how long you think this will take.