Florida, Texas Governors Send Critical Warning on Illegal Immigration


Illegal immigration has continued to get out of hand with President Biden in the White House. When Biden became president, one of his first orders of business was to roll back the policies that managed illegal immigration; therefore, problems at the U.S.-Mexico border are out of control. 

Weeks ago, the state of Texas requested help to handle the crisis at the border. The Biden administration has made it clear that they have no intention of doing their jobs; therefore, it’s up to states to come together and make a solution happen. 

Several Republican states have responded to Texas’ calls for help. Yesterday, Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis actually traveled down to Texas to meet with GOP Governor Abbott and Border Patrol officials, as Fox News confirms. 

An Important Message from the Florida and Texas Governors 

On Saturday, Governors DeSantis and Abbott shared some remarks about the Southern border after visiting the premises. They each noted that massive increases in lethal drugs like fentanyl and large numbers of illegal immigrants can trickle into other states. This news comes as border states have felt the strongest impacts from illegal immigration surges. 

Governor Abbott warned that all states need to do their part to help fight illegal immigration. Meanwhile, Governor DeSantis warned that communities in Florida are bound to feel the effects of what’s going on at the Southern border. 

DeSantis also made very clear that what’s going on at the U.S.-Mexico border is a result of Biden reversing policies from the prior White House administration. During the Florida governor’s meeting with Abbott, both Republicans spoke with law enforcement officers and others working on the border. 

The Texas governor has made clear that he intends to build a border wall; towards the end of last month, Abbott also toured the U.S.-Mexico border with former President Trump by his side. 

Ending the Current Border Crisis

The need to end the present border crisis is very much alive; however, it is going to take a concerted, ongoing effort, especially since the federal government is refusing to do its job on this matter. 

There’s no doubt that the continued presence of law enforcement is necessary; this is yet another reason why America cannot continue to defund police. It’s also why states like Iowa, South Dakota, Florida, etc., are sending National Guard members and other reinforcements to the Southern border to help states like Texas and Arizona mitigate the border crisis. 

It’s too bad that the Biden administration is twiddling its thumbs and doing nothing while states clean up this president’s mess. 

What do you think about the message from the Florida and Texas governors? Let us get your views on the U.S-Mexico border crisis in the comments section below.