Florida Resident Charged For Threatening Rep. Lauren Boebert

Today’s political climate has become extremely divisive, to say the least.

There are many people who have called for red states to secede from blue states or vice versa. Then, recent polling showed numerous Americans believe the country could be on the verge of another Civil War.

When Joe Biden became president, he promised to turn down temperatures and bring people with different politics today. Biden has fallen very short in this regard; in fact, he’s even worsened divides with his own rhetoric and policies.

Multiple people today believe folks who don’t share their politics are the enemy. In some cases, this leads to threats being made and even certain acts of violence getting carried out.

One man from Florida who chose to threaten GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado with violence is now facing legal action, according to Fox News.

A Huge Mistake

Rep. Boebert is known for her strong support of Second Amendment rights and gun ownership.

The Colorado Republican has also been outspoken against Democrats like Beto O’Rourke and Joe Biden who continue calling for the disarming of lawful Americans.

Matthew Lee Comiskey doesn’t appreciate Boebert’s pro-gun activism and took to social media in order to make this known.

The Florida resident tweeted back in August 2021 that he would “destroy” the congresswoman’s face in front of her children with a “2nd Amendment tool.”

Comiskey also said a “copper jacket” would be used against Boebert’s face as a means of showing her the Second Amendment.

What the Florida resident either didn’t know, think about, or care about at the time is threats like this are illegal. Therefore, he was taken into police custody and subsequently hit with five “Interstate Threat” felony charges.

Rising Instability in Society

Growing numbers of Americans have pointed out how more people appear to be losing their minds these days. This is evident in the number of mass shootings (and even a recent stabbing incident) that are happening.

There was a time when people with wildly different politics could easily find common ground and get along. These days, that seems to be getting increasingly rare.

Political tribalism is rising, with more people deciding that anyone who doesn’t completely agree with them is automatically against them.

This increasing instability has a fair amount of people concerned about what the future will look like. Thus far, there are no clear indicators that the type of animosity being seen these days will die down.

If anything, it seems to be regularly ratcheting up to a frightening level.

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