Florida Pushes New Measures to Back the Blue

The law enforcement community has suffered a rough go of things as of late. In 2020, leftists really amped up this movement to defund police officers. Many of the leftist mayors foolishly went along with it and now a public safety crisis is upon us.

The attacks against the law enforcement community aren’t quite over yet, though. Right now, several left-wing city councils and mayors are pushing police officers and other first responders to get the COVID vaccine. Those who fail to abide by the mandate within a given timeframe face likely job loss.

The Democrat Party has made it very clear that they have no respect or regard for the law enforcement community; this comes in spite of these Democrats benefiting from the protection of officers whom they demonize.

However, Florida is taking a more respectful and appreciative approach towards the law enforcement community. This week, Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis proposed a series of new measures to back the blue, as Newsmax documented.

Florida’s Latest Pro-Police Measures

On Tuesday, Governor DeSantis made a very important announcement. This announcement revealed that during Florida’s next legislative session, a series of proposals will be brought forward.

These proposals shall entail academic scholarships for police, $5,000 signing bonuses for new law enforcement members joining the Florida police force, and a recruitment organization that makes it easier for law enforcement officers to receive necessary training programs and state certification.

The recruitment organization will be geared towards aiding officers who are moving to the Sunshine State.

What Inspired These Latest Initiatives?

While announcing the aforementioned measures, Florida’s Republican governor made very clear the underlying inspiration. DeSantis explained that while other states disrespect and mistreat their law enforcement officers, Florida remains committed to backing the blue.

The GOP governor also made a point of directly calling out other states in America that foolishly chose to defund the police. DeSantis made clear that Florida will never follow in the footsteps of these states, but will instead support the men and women who serve in law enforcement.

Meanwhile, leaders in Florida’s law enforcement communities are lauding DeSantis’ latest initiatives. According to Hans Lehman, the chief assistant of the Lakeland Police Department, signing bonuses will go a long way in helping Florida combat challenges with hiring new recruits.

Florida’s treatment of police officers comes in stark contrast to leftist states like California and Oregon that are letting crime go unchecked while simultaneously tying officers’ hands.

What do you think about the pro-police initiatives proposed by Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis? What impact do you think these proposals could have on the law enforcement community in Florida? We’d like your feedback and insight on this issue below in the comments section.