Florida Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Núñez Has an Important Message

Over the past 18 months, the state of Florida has become synonymous with freedom. This is because the Sunshine State is run by Republican Governor Ron DeSantis who refuses to let totalitarianism and medical authoritarianism take over the state.

Growing numbers of people are moving to Florida. Furthermore, the more residents move to the Sunshine State, the redder it becomes. For the first time ever, Florida can boast of having more Republican voters in their state than Democrat voters.

Pinellas County, Florida also recently flipped from blue to red. Heading into the 2022 midterms and the 2022 gubernatorial election, Florida is poised to solidify its newfound status as a reliably red state.

As the Sunshine State becomes known as the place to find freedom, Florida Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Núñez shared an important message during a Breitbart News interview.

Florida’s Lieutenant Governor on Freedom

During her sitdown with Breitbart, Lieutenant Governor Núñez explained the rise of people moving to Florida ultimately boils down to freedom. She noted DeSantis is “America’s governor” and has been fearless in standing up against the despotism of the Biden administration.

Núñez additionally pointed out that as Florida leads the nation in being the place for freedom, other states are trying to follow their lead. The lieutenant governor didn’t hesitate to mention that while Biden’s leadership continues to wreak havoc on America, Democrats will lose the midterm elections next year.

Before her interview with Breitbart came to a close, Núñez explained that as a mother, she doesn’t want her children to live in an America that is void of freedom and rife with tyranny.

Núñez ultimately stressed the importance of people being free to make their own decisions on how to live without big government butting in.

Good News for the People of Florida

With the 2022 Florida gubernatorial race coming up, the DeSantis-Núñez administration is in very good shape to win another term.

Aside from now having the advantage of more GOP voters in the state, DeSantis is also entering into the governor’s race with a significant amount of on-hand cash.

Meanwhile, Florida Democrats are all but conceding defeat. They’ve already admitted that trying to take back the state from Republican leadership will be an uphill battle.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Governor’s Association recently disclosed it will not spend money on left-wing candidates looking to unseat DeSantis. As another sign of positive things to come, DeSantis is leading every single Democrat in the polls by double digits.

What do you think about the message from Florida’s lieutenant governor? Do you agree that Florida has basically become synonymous with freedom in America? We’d like to know your thoughts about Florida and the overall direction of the United States in the comments area below.