Florida Governor Sweeping All Gubernatorial Opponents by Double Digits

Since 2018, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has gained massive popularity and had a huge impact on the state. Almost four years ago, Democrat voters in Florida outnumbered Republican voters in the state by at least 280,000.

Although, just last week, DeSantis announced Florida Republicans have overtaken Democrats in their number of registered voters. As things currently stand, Florida is no longer a swing state or purple state; it is a ruby-red state.

As other states in the nation embrace lockdowns, vaccine passports, and other tyrannical measures, the Florida governor has made clear none of these edicts will stand in the Sunshine State.

Despite the success and popularity of DeSantis, there are still Florida Democrats who want to unseat him; although, judging from recent poll numbers, Florida Democrats don’t have a snowball’s chance of taking down DeSantis, as documented by Breitbart News.

An Unstoppable Force in the Sunshine State

Days ago, the Saint Leo University Polling Institute showed DeSantis is in a very strong position to win the gubernatorial election he’s facing in 2022. Florida Democrats seeking to unseat DeSantis include Nikki Fried, Charlie Crist, and Annette Taddeo.

The polls show DeSantis sweeping Fried by 13 points, sweeping Crist by 12 points, and sweeping Taddeo by 19 points. There’s also the reality that Florida’s been controlled by Republicans for years; Florida Republicans likewise now have the added advantage of their party’s voters in the state outnumbering Democrat voters in Florida.

Much to the chagrin of Florida Democrats, DeSantis continues to maintain a high approval rating and strong support in the Sunshine State.

Floridians like DeSantis and aren’t very eager to replace him with a Democrat who would usher in medical mandates and serve as a rubber stamp for the Biden administration.

Time for Florida Democrats to Pack It Up?

At this point, Florida Democrats would do very well to take their ball and go home. The data and numbers show Democrats don’t stand a chance of flipping Florida and morphing it into California 2.0 or New York 2.0.

It speaks volumes that the Democratic Governors Association recently announced it will not invest a serious amount of funds in unseating DeSantis. Even this body knows the Florida governor is well-liked, respected, and on a fast track to win another term in office.

America has seen the leadership Democrats have to offer. More and more, the folks of this country are rejecting the sweeping mandates, race-baiting, division, and other nonsense Democrats are trying to perpetuate and normalize.

What do you think of the latest poll showing Governor Ron DeSantis leading every single gubernatorial opponent by double digits? Do you now believe Florida is a reliably red state that will re-elect DeSantis next year? We want to know below in the comments area.