Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Vows Executive Action Against Vaccine Passports

"Gov. DeSantis Visits Monroe County" (Public Domain) by Monroe County BOCC

The latest push from the political left now involves vaccine passports.

In a nutshell, vaccine passports would involve Americans keeping their personal information and vaccination records stored in an online wallet. Then, businesses and venues could require that Americans swipe a QR code to prove either vaccination against COVID-19 or a recent coronavirus test with a negative result. 

“Florida National Guard” (CC BY 2.0) by The National Guard

Many Americans are against vaccine passports. However, New York state is implementing them starting on April 2. Meanwhile, the Biden administration is working on a vaccine passport of its own. Judging from how the left has handled COVID-19 over the past year, Democrat governors are highly likely to follow in the footsteps of New York’s Andrew Cuomo. 

However, thankfully, the same cannot be said for Republican governors. As a matter of fact, just yesterday, Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis confirmed that he will not stand for vaccine passports in the Sunshine State, per Breitbart News

No Vaccine Passports Allowed in Florida

On Monday, Governor DeSantis held a press conference in Tallahassee, Florida. During this time, the GOP governor made clear that vaccine passports have no place in the Sunshine State. In so doing, DeSantis branded the notion of the private sector or government demanding that individuals show proof of vaccination as “completely unacceptable.” 

The Florida Republican then went on to note that “individual liberties” and freedoms are very important. DeSantis explained that allowing the government or the private sector to implement vaccine passports is akin to having the fox look over the henhouse. 

Finally, Governor DeSantis confirmed that he will take executive action to ensure that vaccine passports are banned in Florida. Shortly thereafter arrived DeSantis’ additional call for the Florida state legislature to act accordingly against vaccine passports. 

Before the Monday press conference ended, the Florida Republican governor explained that while state residents are advised to receive the coronavirus vaccine, doing so will never be mandatory. 

Will Other GOP States Follow Suit? 

During this week alone, many Republican lawmakers have come out against vaccine passports. However, many Americans are looking to hear more from Republican governors across the nation.

So far, Governor DeSantis of Florida is the first to commit to banning vaccine passports in his state; other Republicans such as the governors in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Arizona, etc., have to come forward. Time will determine whether or not GOP governors in other states take a hardline stance against vaccine passports. 

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