Florida Governor Rips Biden for Dividing America Via COVID Vaccine Mandates

At this point, no one can make a credible argument that COVID vaccine mandates are not divisive in the United States. Americans have continued to witness the division play out time and time again.

It’s playing out as Americans are being fired for choosing not to take this shot. It’s being exercised as hospitals are denying people organ transplants that could save their lives simply because they’ve decided against getting the COVID vaccine.

Many Americans are stick of this; yet, President Biden doesn’t see any problems. In fact, this sad excuse of a president had the gall to declare that America shouldn’t allow COVID vaccine mandates to be divisive.

Thankfully, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis pushed back against Biden’s comment, as Breitbart News points out. It’s also worth noting this isn’t the first time DeSantis has publicly tangled with Biden.

DeSantis Speaks Truth to Power

On Friday, the Florida governor held a press conference in Naples. DeSantis discussed Biden’s various cruel and tyrannical actions regarding COVID vaccine mandates. Right now, the 46th president is demanding businesses with 100+ employees mandate the coronavirus shot.

This comes in addition to Biden threatening medical facilities that do not mandate this vaccine. The president maintains if these establishment don’t do what he wants, he’ll revoke critical funding for Medicare and Medicaid. At the same time as all this, Biden claims the country shouldn’t allow COVID vaccine mandates to be divisive.

The Florida governor didn’t hesitate in calling out the absurdity of Biden’s remarks compared to his actions. DeSantis slammed Biden for threatening people’s jobs and threatening to doom Americans to destitution.

Likewise, DeSantis noted how many hospitals are reliant upon Medicare before stating what Biden’s trying to do here is illegal and unconstitutional. The Florida governor furthermore stated the president’s attempting to “toss people aside”; then, DeSantis confirmed his administration is reviewing various means to fight the White House on this.

DeSantis for President?

Many Americans applauded the Florida governor’s remarks on Friday. Much of the country is also in agreement with DeSantis. As things currently stand right now, more and more Americans are deciding they won’t bow down to this medical tyranny.

DeSantis’ remarks during his Naples press conference also renewed statements on social media about the Florida governor seeking a presidential term. Thus far, DeSantis has said he has no plans to run for the White House; however, he has not explicitly ruled out any future runs later down the line, even after 2024.

There’s no doubting that very strong support exists on the right for Governor DeSantis to one day become President DeSantis.

Do you agree Biden is being divisive by threatening to withhold funding from medical facilities and by pushing Americans out of the workforce with COVID vaccine mandates? We want your feedback on DeSantis’ remarks below in the section for comments.