Florida Governor Champions Freedom-based Approach to COVID

Over the past year, Democrats and leftists have milked COVID-19 for all that it’s worth. Democrats used this virus to justify shutting down businesses, locking people in their homes, and also forcing Americans to wear masks over their faces. The political left embraced intrusive and widespread government edicts without a mere thought for the consequences. 

Thankfully, Republicans across the nation have largely countered the communist tyranny that Democrat seek to impose. GOP leaders have pushed back against the false notion that the almighty government is the savior and above reproach. 

Many conservative leaders took action to preserve freedoms in the United States. However, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis makes the top of this list. 

Breitbart News confirms that yesterday, DeSantis spoke publicly about the freedom-based approach to COVID his state has embraced. 

American Freedoms over Government Tyranny 

Yesterday, the Republican Florida governor sat down with Fox News Sunday. While in talks with the outlet, DeSantis stated that Florida’s resistance against shutdowns was imperative for the preservation of American freedoms. The Florida governor also explained that had the state not resisted lockdowns, America’s position would mirror that of a still-locked-down Canada. 

Shortly thereafter, DeSantis noted the present excess of threats against American freedoms. He also pointed out the various ways in which Florida has combatted and defeated these threats. 

One recent example deals with Florida’s lawsuit against the CDC. This lawsuit happened after the CDC joined forces with the Biden administration, shuttering the cruise industry in Florida. DeSantis, in the lawsuit, stated that the CDC did not have this authority; as it turns out, the federal district court judge to oversee the case agreed with DeSantis and ruled in Florida’s favor. 

Finally, DeSantis noted that if Florida had not led the charge to maintain freedoms in America, other states would not have followed suit either. 

Protecting the Best of America

Freedom is, without a doubt, the very best of America. The ongoing threats against American freedoms are all the more reason why protecting it is so important. 

Florida’s victory against the CDC in court is merely one example of the Sunshine State defeating tyranny. Back in May, Governor DeSantis and the Florida state legislature collectively passed a law banning the use of vaccine passports in the state. Weeks later, Governor Abbott of Texas and the Texas state legislature followed suit. 

Amid Florida’s success in preserving freedom and resisting tyranny, there is talk about Governor DeSantis possibly running for the White House in the 2024 presidential race. 

Do you agree that Florida has led the nation in taking a freedom-based approach to handling COVID? Be sure to give us your thoughts on Florida’s wins against the CDC and vaccine passports in the comments section below.