Florida Democrats Having a Rough Go of Things Lately

In 2021, the state of Florida went from being a swing state to a red state.

Amid the massive rise in new people moving to the Sunshine State, the surge in voter registration eventually shifted from Democrats having the advantage to Republicans now having it.

Meanwhile, every Florida Democrat looking to challenge Governor Ron DeSantis during this year’s upcoming gubernatorial election is significantly behind him in the polls.

DeSantis’ chances of winning another term as governor are only further solidified by his party now having a statewide advantage of more registered voters.

However, the statewide gubernatorial election is only one of several areas where Florida Democrats are missing the mark. According to Breitbart News, Democrats in the Sunshine State are struggling to find congressional candidates to run for office.

Not Looking Good for the Florida Democrat Party

With August 2021 getting closer with each passing day, the Florida Democrat Party has a limited amount of time left to find candidates willing to run in congressional races.

However, the Miami Herald confirms that Democrats in South Florida are having a hard time knowing which names to put on the ballots. This also comes at a time when Florida’s going through a redistricting process, something that’s not quite working out in Democrats’ favor.

In the 26th and 27th congressional districts of Florida, candidates who were previously set to run have since backed away from the races.

On top of this, the Florida Democrat Party appears virtually stumped about the reasons they’re having such a rough time with finding candidates for these congressional elections.

Extra Bad News for Florida Democrats

In 2021, news broke that the Democratic Governor’s Association would decline to pour resources into the campaigns of Florida Democrats looking to unseat DeSantis.

This is almost unheard of and sends a very clear message that Florida is widely regarded as a red state. Democrats, as they flounder, are becoming increasingly frantic, amid failed attempts to gain control of the Sunshine State.

Only days ago, Florida Democrat gubernatorial candidate Nikki Fried compared DeSantis to Hitler. Fried, who is seriously trailing DeSantis in Florida’s election polls, subsequently faced backlash for such a dishonest statement.

With redistricting underway in the Sunshine State and the left having lost the voter registration advantage, things aren’t going to get any easier for Florida Democrats.

If Democrats truly believe they’re going to unseat Governor DeSantis or seriously regain statewide power, they’ve got another thing coming. There’s a reason why the people flocking in droves to Florida directly correlate with the state getting redder.

What do you make of the news that Florida Democrats are having a challenging time with finding congressional candidates to run in upcoming elections? In the comments area, share your thoughts with us.