Florida AG’s Stern Warning to Looters as Catastrophic Hurricane Idalia Approaches

As Hurricane Idalia ominously approaches Florida, Attorney General Ashley Moody issued a resolute warning to potential looters, emphasizing the state’s commitment to law and order.

The National Hurricane Center predicted a catastrophic storm surge in the Big Bend region, raising concerns about safety and property protection.

Moody, speaking to Fox News, offered advice to new residents of the state who may not have weathered a hurricane before. She highlighted the rapid population growth in Florida due to net migration, resulting in many Floridians who are unfamiliar with the severity of such storms.

As a fifth-generation Floridian, Moody urged her fellow long-term residents to guide newcomers, stressing the importance of not underestimating the impending storm.

The Attorney General also emphasized the spirit of unity and mutual support during these challenging times.

However, she warned against ‘bad actors’ who might exploit the situation for personal gain or engage in looting once properties are abandoned. Such actions, Moody assured, will not be tolerated in Florida, a state known for its strict enforcement of the law.

Moody expressed gratitude towards the state’s governor for his firm stance on this issue, ensuring that people understand the consequences of breaking the law during a state of emergency.

She encouraged residents to report any instances of price gouging at hotels, gas stations, or other commodities through the state hotline, the free NO SCAM app, or the MyFloridaLegal website.

The Attorney General reiterated the importance of heeding warnings and preparing adequately for the storm.

Drawing from her firsthand experience with the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, she stressed the need for readiness, especially for those new to Florida. She expressed pride in the state’s success and the necessity to protect and assist newcomers in preparing for the storm.

Addressing concerns about property security during evacuation, Moody reassured residents that their properties would not be at risk. She emphasized Florida’s commitment to law and order, stating that any attempts at looting would be dealt with severely.

As Hurricane Idalia threatens to unleash its fury on Florida, Attorney General Ashley Moody’s stern warning serves as a reminder of the state’s unwavering commitment to law and order.