Five Dead In Active Shooter Incident In Illinois

A shooting at an Aurora, Illinois manufacturing company prompted the injuries of multiple police officers and civilians on Friday, according to various press reports.

What Happened?

According to Kristen Ziman, the Aurora police chief, at least five individuals died as a result of the shooting. Agents with the ATF and FBI teamed up with local police officers in order to access and managed inflicted carnage. ABC 7 furthermore reports that the shooting prompted dozens of ambulances to be called onto the scene.
The Daily Herald affirmed that the shooter Gary Martin, 45, is dead. His death comes after shooting police officers who were called onto the scene after the unfortunate shooting.
Ziman also issued the following statement to the press:

“Several teams of officers went inside to locate and engage the offender. The building is 29,000 square feet, and when they located the offender, they engaged in gunfire with him, ultimately killing him.”

More Information on the Martin and the Shooting

Martin reportedly worked for the Henry Pratt Company for about 15 years. An individual who witnessed the shooting told reporters that 30 people were inside of the building when Martin opened fire.
At this time, updates regarding the Aurora shooting are being observed by authorities and other individuals including President Trump.
During Ziman’s statement, she thanked the first responders and acknowledged the lives which were lost and threatened as a result of Martin’s actions:

“Thank you for your selfless act. Thank you for running towards gunfire and putting your lives in danger to protect those inside the business. My heart goes out to the victims and their families who simply went to work today, like any other day. We offer our sincere condolences.”
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